Trainer Evals

COMPETENT TRAINER. Trained 4 personnel on process of uploading and downloading, receipt and inspection, and transportation of VLS and all its connecting components increasing qualified personnel by 10%.

Served as lead trainer providing support and training to 934 sailors across 4 Regiments and 8 Battalions resulting in their certification for mobilization and deployment. Contributed 200 hours leading the development of realistic and relevant training scenarios for use in training the force for years to come. Led 13 DCOs through the accession process and performed 27 interviews as the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Reserve Component Command Norfolk DCO Lead.

Served as the command lead trainer and was directly responsible for chairing the separate committee for the implementation of the new airway tool. She was directly responsible for the training of a 450 personnel command giving them the tools required to save over 9 lives during this evaluation period. She performs head and shoulders above her colleagues by always volunteering for undesirable assignments and completing them with the utmost enthusiasm.

Trainer in the training department. He trained 16 members, spending 192-man hours in assisting members in obtaining their licenses on the MMV, and 15-ton and 25-ton tractor trucks. BM2 provided training opportunities that established 7 members who are now qualified trainers on several pieces of CESE.

As equipment operator, he trained 17 personnel on the proper way to do an R1 check and drive the following: LSSV, 15T stake truck, and 25T truck. YN2 trained a total of 186 hours, resulting in 29 new licenses being issued, increasing command mission readiness.

-Proficient Trainer. As my small boat technical expert, he has been the driving force in providing refresher training to sixteen pusher boat coxswains and ensuring the success of the 2012 facility response trainer and HAZWOPPER to ensure all oil spill response qualifications are met.

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