Training Manager Eval Example

As National Mission Team Training Lead, managed 500+ training requirements for 52 Sailors, submitted 161 individual training plans, routed 21 designation letters, and completed 12 readiness reports. Efforts resulted in 11 JQR completions and 5 Sailors achieving fully trained fully qualified status increasing operational readiness by 10%.

- GIFTED LEADER. Led 13 military and contract personnel in the daily management of five training sites in support of 2,700 students. His efforts ensured a safe and accessible training environment, contributing to a successful FY15 NETC High Risk Training Evaluation.
- PROVEN MANAGER. As LS Gulfport's Anti-terrorism Officer, he ensured the safety of staff and students by implementing and enforcing FPCON levels. Instrumental in the development of two AT instructions, varied travel routes, and enacting RAMs. Tireless pursuit of readiness led to zero discrepancies during Exercise Solid Curtain - Citadel Shield.
- RECOGNIZED EXPERT and MENTOR. Proactively coordinated the implementation of BI2F Train the Trainer MTT, qualifying five new instructors and resulting in 100 percent completion of Bystander Intervention for CENSECFOR LS GP as well as 36 junior sailors and senior enlisted from Branch Medical/Dental Clinic Gulfport.

Actively seeks new and increased responsibility.
*** Recommend immediate selection to Chief Petty Officer when eligible. ***

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