Transportation Management Evals

As Transportation Division Chief, remarkably led 18 Seabees in managing 250 units of CESE and 109 GSA vehicles valued at $77M. Coordinated equipment requirements for 10 subordinate units for Field Training Exercises and homeport projects, ensuring individual and unit readiness for highly dispersed INDOPACOM deployments.

Trainer/Mentor and Motor Vehicle Chief. Continually maintained the serviceability and readiness of assigned tactical vehicles at the Training Center, Uruzgan, Afghanistan. Lance Corporal Rudolf demonstrated his motor vehicle knowledge and skills on a daily basis and ensured all tactical vehicles were consistently serviced and ready to handle the demands of personnel and equipment transportation.

As shift supervisor for Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Transportation Office, he maintained reports on 56 government vehicles valued at $400k with 100 percent accuracy.

Deployed in support of USSOCOM and coordinated the safe and successful transportation of over 5,000 Special Operations passengers integral to the Global War on Terror. Skillfully coordinated 13 MEDEVACs with the Red Cross, SATO and lodging, and German Airports and commercial transportation, ensuring the member made it home and back when necessary. Oversaw Human Remains handling for two Special Ops servicemen and ensured an honorable transfer returning home.

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