SP/Significant Problems Opening Statements

Seaman XXX is generally a good worker as long as the end outcome benefits his personal agenda. Unwillingness to do his share of work, within the parameters set forth by his chain of command, has had a potentially detrimental effect on his peers.

Petty Officer XX has all of the skills required to be a top notch performer, but many times seems incapable of showing up on-time, in the proper uniform, ready to carry out the plan of the day.

Petty Officer X is a skilled and knowledgeable X technician and Sailor. However, as a Supervisor/Crew Leader, he/she did not meet the leadership standards and was not effective in achieving optimum results from his/her workcenter personnel.

Petty Officer X is a very knowledgeable Sailor and X technician with unlimited growth potential. At the top of his/her game, he/she possesses the ability to stand head and shoulders above his/her peers. However, his/her inconsistent attitude and less than desirable leadership skills has prevented him/her making any progress towards growing and maturing as a leader.

Petty Officer X is a very knowledgeable Sailor and skilled technician. Occasionally exhibits great promise. However, as a X Class Petty Officer, he/she did not perform at the level well within his/her capabilities. As a result, he/she was not effective in motivating subordinates toward unified goals in support of command objectives.

Airman X is a very knowledgeable Sailor and technician with unlimited growth potential. However, his recent actions are counter to the Navy's standards of good order and discipline.

YN1 Smith is uncooperative with leadership and fails to understand the difference between "taking care of the troops" and following orders. His combative attitude is counter-productive and a liability to this Command.

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