Opening Statements, Comments

Dependable, conscientious and extremely talented, Petty Officer Roth's performance has been superb. A strong leader who motivates his personnel to excel. Sound style of management guarantees the completion of any task.


A highly motivated leader dedicated to mission readiness and performing beyond expectations.

PHENOMINAL TOP SNIPE AND 3MC - THEY COME NONE BETTER! Exceptionally talented deck plate leader and recognized technical expert. Tremendous command-wide and ISIC level impact!

Chief XXX is a phenomenal leader whose dedicated work ethic and supervisory skills have made him invaluable to my command.

Proven teamwork, capable of inspiring cooperation and motivating subordinates by demonstrating professional competence with intelligent and compassionate treatment of all.

Evaluation being submitted on member's honorable discharge from the United States Navy. Petty Officer Dowdy's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work & contributes full measure to any task.

Petty Officer X is an integral member of the X work center and provides unequivocal commitment and support to mission acomplishment.

_______ grabbed the bull by the horns and lead his undermanned division to success in short order!

Chief Sailor is a dependable, motivated, and trustworthy CPO, demonstrating the flexibility and capability to adapt to unique requirements and procedures.

Petty Officer Lovelace is a dependable and highly skilled professional. She is a team player who willingly accepts added responsibilities and has established a positive rapport with all levels of the chain of command.

Enthusiastic, thorough, and curious, has unmatched interest and capacity for learning. Possesses a strong sense of pride in service and self-discipline. Is a model Petty Officer that consistently leads by example seeking greater responsibility while excelling at any given task task.

Would be an EP if not superior competive group. Dedicated leader whose standards of integrity and military bearing are of the highest quality

SN SAILOR is quiet but motivated and very capable of producing high quality work. She is one of few technicians nearly 100 percent qualified in her workcenter.

Petty Officer XX constantly demonstrates exceptional initiative and the desire to exceed the command's training requirements at all levels.

Petty Officer Smith is a stellar performer who displays pride in his work and exceptional initiative. It is a privilege to supervise such a promising young Petty Officer.

BM2 Coverson is a exceptionally motivated Sailor that displays boundless leadership potential for Naval Service.

TOP NOTCH deck plate leader with unparalleled potential and solid CPO attributes! PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

Strong and dedicated performer. Displays the leadership ability of a top notch Petty Officer First Class.

Ranked #1 of XXX PO1s. Proven performance in a CPO billet. Makes my command better at every turn. Inspires subordinates to excel beyond expectations. Select now for CPO!

Enthusiastic, thorough, and curious, has unmatched interest and capacity for learning. Possesses a strong sense of pride in service and self-discipline and is a model Petty Officer. Can be counted on, even under the most austere circumstances, to complete any task assigned.

Demonstrated outstanding engineering skills and maturity. Exceeded standards in a complex environment

Senior Chief Smith reported onboard and immediately developed and executed a comprehensive improvement plan that turned a mediocre division into the best run ship's office on the pier.

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect. The only E-6 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer, a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!

Good work ethic; tackles any task above his skill level with outstanding results. Promotion to E-6 recommended

#1 of four Chief Petty Officers! Outstanding leader and top performer--delivered stellar results during Global War on Terrorism

A first-rate Petty Officer who is willing to face up to any task and tackle the issues head on

An excellent performer; always looks for ways to improve the working environment for the DDG-96 USS Bainbridge team

My best CIC Watch Supervisor! Developed and maintained an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

Highly motivated; determined to succeed in his job; completes tasks correctly first time; a real strength

-Chief Petty Officer XXXXXXXXXX is an outstanding leader and manager. Consistently superior performer. Totally dedicated to mission accomplishment. Intelligent, charismatic team player with natural ability to inspire civilian and military personnel. Unlimited potential.

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Petty Officer McMurry brings a motivating, self-starter attitude with a dedication to her duties and peers that makes her a highly valued member of the security team. She is willing to go out of her way to complete assigned tasks ahead of schedule and to support her subordinates' future achievements toward their physical readiness.

#3 of 30 First Class Petty Officers! My most innovative and productive Petty Officer, she is already executing duties previously held by Chief Petty Officers or staff.

Most emphatically ready for Chief Petty Officer selection! Dedicated, motivated, LPO, responsible for 22 personnel she supervised the management and services at the SARP treatment facility flawlessly.

Petty Officer Smith is a superlative example of a second class Petty Officer. He is an ambitious self-starter who sustains a high level of motivation and resourcefulness in his performance. He demonstrates a mature and personal concern in his work with students, assisting them with career and advancement information and studies.

Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performs far beyond expectations; an outstanding asset to the unit

Outstanding PO. Crisp military bearing and appearance. Exceeds standards in military courtesies, fitness, and job performance.

The second ranked Chief on board, Chief O'Toole is a model for the Navy's commitment to pride, professionalism, and personal excellence. He is ranked 2 of 7 superb Chief Petty Officers on board. Whatever the mission, he can be counted on to lead the winning team. Takes every task in stride, demonstrating daily that any job can be completed correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

This PO achieves optimal levels of performance & accomplishment with lasting results--PROMOTE TO CPO!

PROVEN ABILITY. I have observed him serving as Chief of the Boat, both at sea and in port, and his performance clearly demonstrates that he is ready now for assignment to this demanding billet.

SCPO Smitty is the epitome of a highly motivated Senior CPO in appearance, knowledge and performance

IT1 Charming has earned his reputation of skill and reliability; he impresses his peers and inspires his subordinates and I have entrusted him with the Fleet's most critical programs

PO Jenkins is a highly skilled member and motivated Seaman; a valuable asset to the unit and the Navy's mission. Promote.

Absolutely TOP NOTCH sailor, YN1 Smith is a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust! Efficient and perceptive CIC Watch Supervisor! Managed a seasoned watch team responsible for defense of ship and personnel. He maintained an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and coordinated efforts of key personnel to establish interlocking redundancy and teamwork; promises survival and success; best CIC in 2nd Fleet!

First-class PO whose can-do attitude and ceaseless determination are contagious. An excellent role model

Absolutely superior Petty Officer; excelled in job performance, community service and leadership--promote at once

My number 2 of 4 extremely talented Petty Officers - performance is indistinguishable from my #1. PROMOTE TO E-7 NOW!

Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith's inspirational leadership permeates my command. The deep respect he receives from all hands is evidence of his superlative qualities of leadership, integrity, and professional knowledge. His example has fostered unparalleled productivity and esprit de corps

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