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Remains my #1 of 3 CPOs! CPO X is a superior performer who continues to set the bar! Promote to SCPO NOW!


*** My number 3 of 12 Outstanding First Class Petty Officers*** Petty Officer Doitall's superior technical knowledge, exceptional leadership, and dedication to duty typify excellence. Leader of my best division. Select to HTC Now!

DC2 Harcharger continues to demonstrate outstanding skills and maturity. Exceeded set standards in a complex environment. Key player in preparations for INSURV and ULTRA C/E.

Petty Officer Superstar is a superb technician, highly motivated and dependable. Consistently delivers quality results by being a vital necessity in preparations for INSURV and ULTRA C/E.

*** HARD CHARGING AND RELIABLE *** Petty Officer Jones is highly motivated and determined to succeed in his job. Although a short time on Board, a valuable asset in preparations for INSURV and ULTRA C/E.

*** PHENOMENAL WORK ETHIC *** Petty Officer Supernova is a superb technician, highly motivated and dependable. Consistently delivers quality results by being a vital necessity in preparations for INSURV and ULTRA C/E.

Petty Officer Second Class Daniel has proven to be a great leader that is versatile, flexible with superior engineman skills. He has focused on program improvement and mission readiness.

a pillar of professionalism, she sets the standard for her peers to emulate

***An exceptional leader and OUTSTANDING supervisor*** Her performance EXCEEDS all expectations. Unequivocally ready to be CHIEF NOW!!

EN2 Offor possesses a trait which is best described as a selfless commitment to excellence. She routinely takes the high road on seemingly day to day matters-- even when it's the harder path.

STG3's technical acumen and aggressive work ethic brings an invaluable presence to CA Division and inspires his peers to step up to his high standards.

Petty Officer ____ is an outstanding and highly motivated Sailor. Exhibits the maturity and intiative of a seasoned First Class Petty Officer. A standout among his peers and is the standard by which excellence is measured.

Ranked 7th of 45 superior First Class Petty Officers. Ranked 2 of 7 in Operations Dept.

Outstanding Second Class Petty Officer with a high degree of professionalism and reliability including an impeccable work ethic and unmatched mechanical expertise.

Superior performer. Dedicated and commited with unlimited leadership potentionl.

Petty Officer Svedin, in his short time here at VFA-2, has proven to be a fast learner in the duties and responsibilities as Assistant Security Manager. He is a motivated performer who shows promise and potential.

Petty Officer xxxx consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. His exceptional work ethic and tenacity in direct support of his shipmates through the most difficult of mission tasking illustrates his remarkable commitment and dedication.

As Tech Control LPO, CTM1 Greenwell has demonstrated his skill as an exceptional deckplate leader and motivator, consistently sets competitive standards for his sailors and provides the necessary guidance to help them accomplish the mission and their professional goals.

This petty officer is enthusiastic, dedicated, and pays meticulous attention to detail. He eagerly accepts all assignments and is often chosen for tasks that require precision and maturity because he can be depended on to deliver stellar results.

Phenomenal Sailor; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; is overdue for promotion to Chief!

CPO Pozzi is an enthusiastic, dedicated CPO. She has quickly transitioned from a maintenance background to her new staff duties

#1 of seven planners! Successfully trained dozens of theater comm planners--vital to USJFCOM/COMSECONDFLT mission

Outstanding and welcome addition to my CPO mess. In just 6 months he has made a huge impact on the CPO Mess throughout DISA-EUR. Not ranked higher solely due to short time onboard.

My #1 of 7 POs! Superior performance across the board. Give him bigger challenges--PROMOTE NOW!

Ranked #1 of 5 outstanding Petty Officers! Perfect combination of technical excellence and deckplate leadership. Promote to E-7 NOW!

Powerful right hand to the XO. Possessed an unsurpassed level of knowledge, organizational prowess, and a mature understanding of personnel dynamics and management. He expertly tracked all personnel and administrative actions under his watch with spectacular results.

My best CPO. Developed a hearty Chief's Mess that restored Navy tradition and pride. PROMOTE TO SCPO NOW!

Superior leadership ability and command involvement earned him my top ranking. Number 1 of 6 outstanding Senior Chiefs. A natural leader. Hand picked over 14 other command E-7 and above personnel to fill short-fused OIC billet in Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Hawaii.

PO1 Truman is an exceptional Petty Officer and capable leader; performed duties as jet engine mechanic in an outstanding manner

My #1 of 4 POs--proactive leader, exemplary Seaman who led the most active section in the squadron

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Petty Officer xxx possesses an enthusiastic urge and ability to achieve. He/she is an intelligent, unique leader constantly thriving on new challenges while transferring goals and objectives into concrete, workable plans.

Enthusiastic and dedicated, actively seeks out challenges and doggedly pursues them until resolved. He is singled out for jobs that require determination and skill and has improved or corrected many chronic problem areas. He is a shining example to his peers and subordinates.

As Chief of the Boat, he has been a superior leader whose innate ability to motivate, inspire and train personnel significantly improved productivity and command performance.

OUTSTANDING CPO who is scorching the competition. A true leader. Developed a cohesive Chief's Mess that focuses on the command's success. PROMOTE TO SCPO NOW!

Ranked #1 of 5 in Admin department and #4 of 10 assigned. An absolute must select for Chief Petty Officer.

My best CIC Watch Supervisor! Developed and maintained an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

A leader with an indefatigable work ethic. Hand picked to be the only E-7 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer which is usually held by an E-8. He makes the process of managing the Ops Center look easy.

Dependable, motivated, and trustworthy--a SCPO with the courage to manage without visible support

Highly reliable, indispensable member of our team; well trained and knowledgeable on all spectrums of satellite equipment

Ranked # 1 of 6 highly competitive CPOs. Chief Rolex is the most productive and versatile Chief at this Command. He has my complete confidence and is relied upon heavily for all vital network defense decisions for the USCENTCOM AOR.

A welcome new addition to the Power Generation workcenter, a seaman with potential.

PO1 Dooney is a highly qualified PO; directly responsible for uptime rate of over 99% on all strategic communications links; exceeded stringent DISA standards

P.O. Smith is an exceptional Front Desk clerk whose performance of his assigned duties exceeds all requirements. Intelligent and conscientious, he requires neither supervision nor guidance in order to attain superior results. P.O. Smith's long term commitment to the improvement of his duties led him to be one of the top Front Desk clerks at the Combined Bachelors Quarters, Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

Highly motivated! Energetic and diligent--demonstrated strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems

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