Construction Electrician (CE) Examples

As Alfa Company Electrician, he was responsible for electrical trouble shooting, inspection, preventive maintenance, and interim repairs for 606 pieces of CESE valued at $95.4M. He conducted eight hours of essential training for 12 personnel on CESE maintenance and operations which contributed to the completion of the Rota CPX. He led 72 daily safety lectures for 76 personnel and 17 scheduled training sessions. He ensured the safe management of 10 sailors during the construction of a 32' x 3,700' high long rock berm revetment along the eroded shoreline at NAVSTA Rota valued at $6.9M with 0 mishaps. Additionally, as Building Manager, he submitted and tracked 62 trouble calls for 5 structures, enhancing quality of life for 76 personnel. As Sponsor Coordinator, he contacted 12 PGs and ensured they received all correspondence required for a smooth transition into the battalion.

Mission Oriented. While demonstrating professionalism and vigilance, Constructionman Taylor stood over 80 hours of security watch during Operation Bearing Dual, ensuring entry to authorized personnel only and maintaining safety within the COC, ACOC, Ant Farm, and Bravo CP.

Motivated. As crew member on the Communications Pad project, CECN Taylor displayed extensive knowledge of his rate and learned quickly. Assisting in the placement of 80 CZ of concrete, 365 ft of rebar cages, prefabrication and placement of 280 feet of formwork, and 400 sqft of earthwork for new electrical lines, saving the Navy $3000 in contractor costs.

Leadership Potential. CECN Taylor demonstrated his ability to train and lead others during Homeport 2016, training 20 Seabees in computer programs designed to monitor and track deliverables, an essential element to the battalion’s readiness to deploy, and ensured that 100% of all Bravo Company taskings were completed ahead of schedule.

Petty Officer Barroga distinguished himself through extraordinary initiative and superb leadership. He eagerly assumed the duties of the Assistant Base Communications Officer and LPO for 2 years. He significantly enhanced the base communications office's effectiveness and efficiency across the board. His leadership, mentorship, and dedication to the troops were an inspiration to all throughout the Command. Specific accomplishments include:
- TECHNICAL EXPERT. Performed brilliantly as a Switch Technician and Supervisor. He coordinated and organized the completion of two NORTEL SL-100 Telephone Switch DIACAP accreditation and ATO packages. His expertise contributed significantly to the success of DISA site inspection and was key to receiving the FY 13 Outstanding Pacific End Office switch facility. Coordinated with Yokosuka BCO and ensured all SOPs, directives, logs and records were being maintained accurately.
- STRONG LEADER. Led 7 military and 10 Japanese Foreign Nationals in a diverse Base Communications Office operation including telephone switch maintenance, cell phone, DSN phone line assignment, and customer service in a professional manner which led to zero negative ICE comments due to his superb demeanor and attention to detail.
- EXEMPLARY LEADER. As Detachment LPO, he interacts and communicates with his subordinates daily, providing unlimited support and information on all administrative matters. In addition, he was proactive, filling in as OIC in the absence of the Master Chief.

During the LSA 3 project, CE1 Minoer took the lead on the electrical distribution to 40 RLB's, supervising a crew of two Navy CE's and two civilian contractors and completed the job ahead of schedule.

As Logistics Chief, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Central Coordination Element-Afghanistan, he provided expeditious logistical support for over 19,000 marines, 850 individual augmentees, joint forces, and Afghan national army and Afghan national police.

To provide superior logistic support, he fostered relationships with joint commands such as Task Force Rushmore, the International Security Assistance Force joint command, and U.S. Forces Afghanistan and greatly contributed to the success of the MARCENT coordination element in Afghanistan.

Base Communications Leading Petty Officer working as a Cable Splicer in the Cable Shop. He fusion spliced 12STR for Camp 6 Detainee project-installed "B" Dome. Spliced 25pr. Copper into the R-3 cable for Camp 6 Project-Installed 8 ˝"x 28" Preform. Installed 25 copper/12STR fiber to Camp 6 Training Building to provide service at the Detainee camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

As Leading Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief Petty Officer Mixon was responsible for extensive command reorganization and the training and mentoring of 55 junior enlisted, 9 Chief Petty Officers and 6 junior Officers. He oversaw recruiting and manpower while standing up a detachment of 59 personnel and built battle ready Global Civil Affairs (CA) teams for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) missions which increased deployment readiness from 15 percent to 100 percent.
CECS Mixon demonstrated managerial skills far exceeding those of a seasoned Master Chief Petty Officer. He approaches complex problems with enthusiasm in a systematic manner, never shying away from opportunties to make continous improvement.
His encouragement built a CPO Mess of 11 members to facilitate 44 junior petty officers in EXW Qualification and Mobilization training.

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