Construction (BU, CE, CM, EA, EO, SW, UT)

Builder (BU)

Construction Electrician (CE)

Construction Mechanic (CM)

Engineering Aid (EA)

Equipment Operator (EO)

Steel Worker (SW)

Utilitiesman (UT)

Navy Travel Poster


If duty title isn't provded, inputs will be listed below:

-Administrative Magician. As TA01 Work center supervisor he quickly took charge, added 202 components row items in SKED, added 339 components to OMMS-NG, and passed two ATG 3M inspections with 100%, passed 10 SERE/SPF/MPF inspections, and completed three force revisions. Coordinated the total refurbishment of four containers, procured the delivery of 200 new 463L pallets from TRANSCOM, ensuring the deployability of 450 containers.

INNOVATIVE MANAGER. As the command License Examiner he meticulously managed 2,456 license records, 92 explosive license files, issued 718 new licenses and ensured that all files were updated in Fleet Focus with 100% accountability. He developed a government license tracker making it streamlined for locating licensed and unlicensed personnel throughout 14 different commands.

56 hours of community service helping feed the needy. volunteer work in the neighborhood helping the elderly take out trash, cut the grass and other miscellaneous chores. worked outside my rate as project lead in the granby, colorado for two months in charge of 12 first class petty officers, 17 second class petty officers, 5 third class petty officers, and 4 construction men. welded 1/2 acre of fencing to ensure the safety and well being of 46 YMCA stable horses, all while teaching SWCN cox the proper techniques of welding and PPE protection. Constructed the planning and remodeling of 31 YMCA Guest Cabins, 12 Administrative cabins, and 2 Lodging buildings. Planning and construction of 8 (4'x8'x16") shelves for Nordic Center guest. Remodeled 31 steps in the YMCA Chapel. Assisted in the construction of two support walls in the YMCA Chapel.

Constructionman _______ is an up and coming leader who has what it takes to accomplish any task or goal, with little to no supervision, producing extraordinary results.

Despite an increased workload and declining support, Petty Officer Ryan led 27 Seabees to complete the largest project entrusted to his unit to date ahead of schedule and provided unparalleled maintenance support to Camp Leatherneck.

Participated in the western expanison of Camp Deh Dadi II, Afghanistan by removing more than 50,000 cubic yards of material and reclaiming 30 acres of land for 2 planned Tactical Operation Centers and 3 supply yards which will reduce the time it takes to supply other Forward Operating Bases.

- Led a section of 8 Second Class Petty Officers in the performance of weekly personnel and unit inspections which enforced goals, improved performance, and increased morale.

- Led and trained seven personnel during participation in three global exercises, dramatically expanding their skill set.

- As HAZMAT coordinator, maintained an acurate inventory and full complement of all material needed by tenant commands with zero findings during inspections.

- Headed installation of 800KW power plant, a two million dollar project which powered the entire Trident Reach II operations

- Served as Equipment Readiness Leading Petty Officer in a challenging environment that led to his selection as Third Naval Construction Regiment Sailor of the Year.

Donated her spare time to the Point Mugu fitness trail project. She excavated more than 5,000 square feet for footers and forms and placed over 450 cubic yards of gravel for subgrade

- As license examiner, Command Fitness Leader, and assistant 3MC, his efforts directly contributed to the successful deployment of 112 personnel including the issue of 25 critical equipment licenses and 3M 301 qualifications.

- Assisted in the installation of a $55 thousand electrical distribution site; built 9 circuit panels and ran over 5,000 feet of wire, providing power for 10 tents

- Oversaw project growth and through meticulous planning and foresight, predicted future equipment requirements which led to D7 dozers and excavators being flown into the AO just in time to keep project on schedule.

- Efficiently led crews in the completion of 12 jobs and mitigated 5 safety deficiencies.

- Completed two high visibility projects on naval base Point Loma: a 1200 CMU block hazmat storage facility critical to the Navy’s environmental preservation and a ramp at the small arms range built to ADA specs which allowed access for disabled personnel for the first time.

- While deployed to Task Force Keystone, tracked and maintained 100% control of over 200 units of Army engineering equipment assigned to three engineering units distributed across Southern Afghanistan.

- His construction efforts directly contributed to the success of combat engineers in securing critical lines of communication and ensured the freedom of movement for coalition forces.

- Educated Arba Minch, Ethiopia locals on generator operation and maintenance which prevented engine damage and provided reliable electrical support

Deployed to Deh Dadi II, Afghanistan to build a fuel farm for the camp; he placed over 3,500 cubic yards of fill to create retaining walls for eight 50,000 gallon fuel bladders.

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