Construction (BU, CE, CM, EA, EO, SW, UT)

Builder (BU)

BU3 XXX is a hard charger with a resilient work ethic! He continually strives for personal growth and professional development with an unending drive for success.
-PROVEN MANAGER. As Lead Locksmith, he managed and coordinated the completion of 80 work orders, including the repair of X09, X10, and cypher locks. His efforts saved the installation $75,000 in costs while ensuring integrity of secure spaces was maintained.
-ATTENTIVE PERFORMER. As Facilities Safety Rep and ESAMS coordinator, he ensured the completion of monthly training for 387 military and civilian personnel. He gathered data for all 49 work centers and implemented monthly inspections, resulting in ZERO major discrepancies during the semi-annual Safety Inspection. As Qualified Recycling Program Approver, he properly executed all QRP administrative requirements, to include collecting and safeguarding over $115,124 in revenue generated by the sale of Air station recyclables.
-ENGAGED SEABEE. As Seabee Association Treasurer, he volunteered 104 hours for fundraising and COMREL events, which resulted in $6500 towards the association profits. His services for the community has strengthen the bond between the U.S. and the Host Nation.
-BU3 XXX is a top professional who achieves the highest level of performance and efficiency; he is highly recommend for Second Class Petty Officer!

Served as Senior Enlisted Leader for the NATO Coalition Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources tent camp in support of Operation Unified Protector. Senior Chief Sims' extensive background in Naval Construction Force systems and programs enabled him to identify, coordinate, win approval for, and secure key material, supplies, and resources necessary to support joint military operations thus enhancing tactical capability and readiness of Coalition partners. His regular interaction with coalition leaders and their staffs was critical to understanding and prioritizing their requirements and supporting them on a daily basis. Senior Chief Sims' actions were indispensable to the Navy's involvement in the Global War on Terror, the uninterrupted support of and operational continuity of the Coalition partners, and the operation's success.

BU1 McGillycuddy has demonstrated rare managementskills and dedication to his sailors while acting as Assistant Officer in Charge normally assigned to a chief; in detachment 0627, Schenectady, NY from 01October2010 to 30September2012.

- Enthusiastically and effectively managed a successful Detachement of up to 75 personal despite manning being reduced by 16 key sailors due to increase deployements and rotations was able to keep detachement in good working order to forfill obligations and priorities.

- Managed budget estimator of over $250,000 in support of annual leave requirements of sailors.

- Exhibeted unparalleled leadership and amazing endurance as the detachment was faced with preparations of 0/2/4 shedual and changes that were associated with this new program.

- Led his experience in twelve departments short- handed to complete NOSC requirements against eleven other detachments in regaining and taking first place in the captains cup for the third year in a row.

- Prepared each month for the fiscal year requirements of all seabees volunteering over 30 extra hours a month to complete the mission at hand.

- Implimented numerous innovative plans of action to constantly improve the dets day to day mission.

- Demonstrated superb initative by being the laison on a weekly basis to be sure that all our sailors were taken care of.

- Aggressively contributed to the Battalions readiness by emphasizing training; with correcting all actions to meet 100% of goals.

Despite an increased workload, and departments loosing skilled saiors to deployements and being undermanned with quality skilled managers, BU1 Mcgillicudy has met the challenge as demonstrated by his impressive BU1 grade. He is an outstandingexample for his subodinates to emulate and deserves official recognition for his level of performance. I give my highest reccomendation for this award.

Deployed with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FORTY to Afghanistan to build a series of wood buildings, at a cost of $2.3 million, which were critical to the support of NATO command and control in Regional Command North.

Took the lead in the construction of 3,300 lf. of formwork and fabricated 2.5 tons of reinforcing steel for the foundations of a critical explosive lab performing explosive forensics research in Regional Command North.

Chief Niles assumed responsibility as the Headquarters Operations Chief without hesitation and, in coordination with Battalion S3C and the training department, ensured that two teams of HQ personnel were deployment ready.

BU1 Coleman served as FOB LPO for Task Force Sierra Detachment Two in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Arranged and coordinated air delivery of 47 pieces of CESE from Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan to Regional Command South in direct support of contingency construction.

Completed over 300 manhours of ESAs and MCDs, including over 100 hours of trouble calls, saving the Navy over $25,000 in labor and materials and was directly responsible for an improved standard of living in the barracks and office spaces.

As project leader for the MWR storage facility, Petty Officer Miller's foresight, attention to detail, and “CAN DO” attitude brought this 1,200 manday project from 20% behind schedule to Benificiary Occupational Date (BOD) in just 2 weeks.

Selected from among peers to deploy for Cobra Gold 2012, in Chon Buri Province, Thailand, where he helped place 3,000 sf of CMU block and 5,000 sf of paint to build an elementary school. His selfless contribution helped complete a school house that will be nourish more than 200 children.

As the Material Liaison Chief, he led a seasoned team of SEABEES to manage more than $10M worth of materials, tools, and equipmentin across two theaters of operation that supported 20 critical construction projects for the NCF and other coalitian partners.

His boundless energy was key to leading a crew of 9 personnel to install 550 metal studs, hang and finish 5,000 SF of gypsum wall board, 1100 linear ft of electrical raceway, 400 ft of copper tubing, and a 18’x 22’ motorized garage door in less than 40 days and two weeks ahead of schedule.

Construction Electrician (CE)

During the LSA 3 project, CE1 Minoer took the lead on the electrical distribution to 40 RLB's, supervising a crew of two Navy CE's and two civilian contractors and completed the job ahead of schedule.

As Logistics Chief, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Central Coordination Element-Afghanistan, he provided expeditious logistical support for over 19,000 marines, 850 individual augmentees, joint forces, and Afghan national army and Afghan national police.

To provide superior logistic support, he fostered relationships with joint commands such as Task Force Rushmore, the International Security Assistance Force joint command, and U.S. Forces Afghanistan and greatly contributed to the success of the MARCENT coordination element in Afghanistan.

Construction Mechanic (CM)

His attention to detail and hard work as the heavy equipment maintenance floor NCO, significantly contributed to the success of the operation.

He used his background in database management to create a database program that tracked all 1st and 2nd echelon maintenance for the company’s equipment.

Trained and certified detachment of Seabees on maintenance and repair of 20 types of construction equipment and how to train Afghans using interpreters.

Selected over peers to lead a detachment sent to FOB Leatherneck to repair and convoy 13 MRAPs over a distance of 150 miles to KAF for use in future Afghan National Army training missions.

Excelled as one of Task Force EBAAT’s subject matter experts. He evaluated and trained over 100 Afghan Soldiers on the proper care and maintenance of several types of heavy construction Equipment.

While deployed, he captained over a dozen projects supported by NMCB 28 Seabee Det Phoenix, tracking all project packages, man hours, safety plans, daily situation reports and quality control inspections.

Integrated into supported Army units, he accomplished over 100 3-M checks and qualified to use the Blue Force Tracker system.

Equipment Operator (EO)

His efforts across multiple projects directly contributed to the success of combat engineers securing lines of communication and ensuring the freedom of movement for coalition forces.

Provided outstanding service as SEABEE Combat warfare equipment operator with stellar results.

While deployed to Task Force Keystone, Kandahar Afghanistan, PO1 closely tracked readiness reports and requirements and over 200 units of engineering equipment supporting three engineering units in disparate locations to provide timely and efficient logistic support for the de-mining and the construction of combat outposts during Hamkari phases of operations.

His efforts as license examiner and SEABEE combat warfare instructor, including the issuing of 20 critical equipment licenses and 3M 301 qualifications directly contributed to the successful deployment of 88 personnel and the unit.

His leadership as CFL inspired a culture of fitness throughout the command and led to his selection as third naval construction regiment Sailor of the Year.

Petty Officer Tasker's continuous and detailed analysis of requirements provided accurate forecasting of future equipment requirements and prompted the delivery of additional assets, including D7 dozers and excavators, into the AOR in time to stay on schedule. In addition, his detailed estimation of work and losses were incorporated into standing policy requiring additional equipment be staged in reserve to fill critical shortages.

Utilitiesman (UT)

Ensured all food, construction materials, and equipment were on hand for the completion of all assigned tasks.

As Company Chief he managed the Company in an exemplary manner, bringing Bravo company to the forefront of the Battalion.

Managed the day to day operations in the rehabilitation of a 20,000 sq. ft. barracks at NPS Monterey.


INNOVATIVE MANAGER. As the command License Examiner he meticulously managed 2,456 license records, 92 explosive license files, issued 718 new licenses and ensured that all files were updated in Fleet Focus with 100% accountability. He developed a government license tracker making it streamlined for locating licensed and unlicensed personnel throughout 14 different commands.

56 hours of community service helping feed the needy. volunteer work in the neighborhood helping the elderly take out trash, cut the grass and other miscellaneous chores. worked outside my rate as project lead in the granby, colorado for two months in charge of 12 first class petty officers, 17 second class petty officers, 5 third class petty officers, and 4 construction men. welded 1/2 acre of fencing to ensure the safety and well being of 46 YMCA stable horses, all while teaching SWCN cox the proper techniques of welding and PPE protection. Constructed the planning and remodeling of 31 YMCA Guest Cabins, 12 Administrative cabins, and 2 Lodging buildings. Planning and construction of 8 (4'x8'x16") shelves for Nordic Center guest. Remodeled 31 steps in the YMCA Chapel. Assisted in the construction of two support walls in the YMCA Chapel.

Constructionman _______ is an up and coming leader who has what it takes to accomplish any task or goal, with little to no supervision, producing extraordinary results.

Despite an increased workload and declining support, Petty Officer Ryan led 27 Seabees to complete the largest project entrusted to his unit to date ahead of schedule and provided unparalleled maintenance support to Camp Leatherneck.

Participated in the western expanison of Camp Deh Dadi II, Afghanistan by removing more than 50,000 cubic yards of material and reclaiming 30 acres of land for 2 planned Tactical Operation Centers and 3 supply yards which will reduce the time it takes to supply other Forward Operating Bases.

- Led a section of 8 Second Class Petty Officers in the performance of weekly personnel and unit inspections which enforced goals, improved performance, and increased morale.

- Led and trained seven personnel during participation in three global exercises, dramatically expanding their skill set.

- As HAZMAT coordinator, maintained an acurate inventory and full complement of all material needed by tenant commands with zero findings during inspections.

- Headed installation of 800KW power plant, a two million dollar project which powered the entire Trident Reach II operations

- Served as Equipment Readiness Leading Petty Officer in a challenging environment that led to his selection as Third Naval Construction Regiment Sailor of the Year.

Donated her spare time to the Point Mugu fitness trail project. She excavated more than 5,000 square feet for footers and forms and placed over 450 cubic yards of gravel for subgrade

- As license examiner, Command Fitness Leader, and assistant 3MC, his efforts directly contributed to the successful deployment of 112 personnel including the issue of 25 critical equipment licenses and 3M 301 qualifications.

- Assisted in the installation of a $55 thousand electrical distribution site; built 9 circuit panels and ran over 5,000 feet of wire, providing power for 10 tents

- Oversaw project growth and through meticulous planning and foresight, predicted future equipment requirements which led to D7 dozers and excavators being flown into the AO just in time to keep project on schedule.

- Efficiently led crews in the completion of 12 jobs and mitigated 5 safety deficiencies.

- Completed two high visibility projects on naval base Point Loma: a 1200 CMU block hazmat storage facility critical to the Navy’s environmental preservation and a ramp at the small arms range built to ADA specs which allowed access for disabled personnel for the first time.

- While deployed to Task Force Keystone, tracked and maintained 100% control of over 200 units of Army engineering equipment assigned to three engineering units distributed across Southern Afghanistan.

- His construction efforts directly contributed to the success of combat engineers in securing critical lines of communication and ensured the freedom of movement for coalition forces.

- Educated Arba Minch, Ethiopia locals on generator operation and maintenance which prevented engine damage and provided reliable electrical support

Deployed to Deh Dadi II, Afghanistan to build a fuel farm for the camp; he placed over 3,500 cubic yards of fill to create retaining walls for eight 50,000 gallon fuel bladders.

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