Construction Mechanic (CM) Examples

Key member of the North Sound Base Operating Support Contract source selection Technical Evaluation Board. Provided knowledgeable advice and information during this complex Evaluation Board for a contract valued at over $26M per year. Expertly led the development and execution of various sustainment, maintenance and repair projects, including scope of work, estimates, site visits, and acquisition strategy for projects valued at over $500k.

Command 3M Coordinator Assistant (3MCA)-6. Managed the Command's 3M program for seven work centers incorporating 5,888 components and 470 personnel. Managed the 3M program for the homeport and HOA TOA. Efficiently managed seven work centers through homeport training phases, overseeing the completion of 11,767 maintenance actions. His foresight and accomplishments had a positive impact on the Command.

LPO for the CM shop in Alpha Company, Camp Moreell, supervised 13 personnel and 3 maintenance shops and maintained 112 pieces of CESE valued at $2,550,000. He scheduled over 2,000 PM checks with a 95% shop readiness and a 100% accountability for 3-M. Petty Officer Sailor reduced the number of out of periodicity PMS checks from over 250 checks upon his arrival to under 20 upon his departure. As LPO of a 35 person duty section, he spent over 200 hours organizing and planning strategies for watch bills and work schedules. Putting others before himself he sacrificed countless hours of personal time preparing others to earn their SCWS pin.

Regimental parts expeditor, Camp Moreell, CM2 reutilized over $200,000 of parts, maximizing all available resources, and greatly increasing the readiness of all Seabee units in this AOR. CM2 monitored maintenance and repairs at 7 separate commercial facilities and a Navy Maintenance Facility for 130 pieces of equipment, as well as the dispatch of 10 NTVs and an NTV contract worth over $300,000. CM2 planned all phases of the movement of $6 million worth of parts to DRMO over a 30 day period with over 2,400 miles of travel using 12 military and 9 commercial tractor trailers.

During the deployment, CM2 was assigned as LPO for embark and performed above expectations. He was essential in distributing 2.3 million dollars in construction material in support of 11 project sites. His foresight and attention to detail ensured all deliveries were accurate and on time, preventing any construction delays. He also oversaw the palleting and movement of over 200 tons of cargo resulting in zero loss of material due to shipping damage or misdirection. His efforts also ensured over 200 movements that deployed 660 passengers around the AOR in a timely matter.

He led seven mechanics to complete over 100,000 hours of maintenance on 90 pieces of rolling stock worth $230 Million.

CM3 led his team with foresight and attention to detail and made the difficult maintenance decisions with very little supervision. He completed 140 hours of preventative maintenance checks along with 24 hours of critical CESE repairs which directly supported the Air Force mission at Chabelly Air Field.

Petty Officer Cucciniello managed the battalion 3M program monitoring over 5700 hours of preventive maintenance checks with a 99 percent accomplishment rate. He also oversaw over 2400 hours of aggressive corrective maintenance and summarized lessons learned in technical feedback reports which led to outstanding results during the TYCOM 3M inspection.

TEAM PLAYER. Served as license examiner at U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN. Petty Officer Coates aggressively administered training to 88 battalion personnel resulting in the issuance of 156 licenses and increasing the battalion's ability to meet deployment taskings following homeport. Through his own initiative, he conducted an audit of the license records which resulted in all 112 license records being synchronized in accordance with NCFINST 11200.

Construction Mechanic Second Class Carl S. Johnson supported Operations Freedom's Sentinel (OFS) and Enduring Freedom (OEF) as a dependable and versatile member of the Logistic Task Force Seven Maintenance Team. Assigned to a Joint Task Force Maintenance facility, Petty Officer Johnson reported onboard two months after the main body arrival and quickly became the leading technician in number of work orders completed. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Task Force non-tactical vehicles, Petty Officer Johnson's efforts and skill for automotive maintenance and repair were essential to supporting the war fighting effort. Petty Officer Johnson's commitment directly supported the completion of 88 work orders valued at $10,500, making him the top performing technician in the maintenance shop.

Served as tool room custodian and tech librarian. Petty Officer Barroga, as tech librarian, researched and ordered 377 automotive repair parts. As tool room custodian, CM3 Barroga created check out procedures on all special tools to improve tool accountability and tech manual check out procedures to track all tech manuals. Kept an updated inventory of five Kit 13s.

PO2's efforts led to hundreds of additional safe hours of civil engineering support equipment operations due to his high level of detail in maintaining equipment and identifying faulty brake components on MTVRs.

Maintained equipment with meticulous attention to detail and identified faulty brake components on most MTVRs. His efforts resulted in hundreds of additional safe hours of civil engineering support equipment operation.

Combining over 5200 hours of preventive maintenance hours with 2300 hours of corrective maintenance, PO2 Taylor's high standards and relentless efforts led the workcenter to achieve better than 80% availability. In addition, he trained 5 key billets to further advance Alfa company.

CM1 developed the first "Speedline" in NAVFAC that cut PMs by 30% with an annual savings of over $125,000.

His attention to detail and hard work as the heavy equipment maintenance floor NCO, significantly contributed to the success of the operation.

He used his background in database management to create a database program that tracked all 1st and 2nd echelon maintenance for the company’s equipment.

Trained and certified detachment of Seabees on maintenance and repair of 20 types of construction equipment and how to train Afghans using interpreters.

Selected over peers to lead a detachment sent to FOB Leatherneck to repair and convoy 13 MRAPs over a distance of 150 miles to KAF for use in future Afghan National Army training missions.

Excelled as one of Task Force EBAAT’s subject matter experts. He evaluated and trained over 100 Afghan Soldiers on the proper care and maintenance of several types of heavy construction Equipment.

While deployed, he captained over a dozen projects supported by NMCB 28 Seabee Det Phoenix, tracking all project packages, man hours, safety plans, daily situation reports and quality control inspections.

Integrated into supported Army units, he accomplished over 100 3-M checks and qualified to use the Blue Force Tracker system.

Petty Officer Sailor is an exemplary example of what leaders should be. As an upcoming E-6 he possesses the ability to complete the most challenging jobs. From the begining of the deployment he was assigned as LPO for the CM shop in Alpha Co. Camp Moreell in charge of 14 personnel and organizing work shedules and shop positions for the light and heavy shops.

Leading from the front he also became the Work Center Supervisor (WCS) for all three maintenance shops and 111 pieces of CESE valued at $4,500,000, including the two mechanics issued out to the MRAP shop. With no prior experience or formal training for his position he worked diligently to qualify himself and put in many hours to successfuly schedule 2000 PM checks in the SKED system and maintain a 95% shop readiness with a 100% accountability for the 3M MIPS, LOEPS, and CHANGE PAGEs, as well as the lock-out tag-out procedures and policies.

He is a highly talented supervisor leading and coaching his personnel with writing brag sheets, Evals, NAMs, LOCs, and LOAs which significantly improved the morale of the work center and directly increased production, keeping up the quality of work consistently, reducing work center backlog with minimal descrepancies.

He was hand selected for the position of LPO for the Duty Section, responsible for 35 personnel for Camp Moreell, Kuwait. Taking on this position he aggressively managed schedules, duty assignments, taskings, personnel positions spending at least 200 off duty hours meticulously organizing and planning strategies for watch bills and work schedules greatly increasing mission capabilities critical to operations of Camp Moreell's success.

CM2 Sailor managed his time well and became an active community member participating in numerous volunteer activities like the ping pong and vollyball tournaments, adding to his other contributions which aided in keeping the high morale for junior troops and peers alike.

CM2 worked hard to accomplish all his taskings and still maintained a high level of professionalism and discipline throughout this deployment. Keeping with the tradition of the Seabees, he studied advanced SCWS classes, putting in 65 hours of SCWS training in Alpha Company. Using his exceptional technical skills and superior training techniques, he ensured that inexperienced personnel were expeditiously trained, greatly increasing the knowledge of his students in SCWS. His hard charger style, tireless work ethic, strong leadership skills, knowledge and maturity enabled him to assume the responsibility of all his collateral duties resulting in a remarkable success rate contibuting to the overall success in Camp Moreell, Kuwait.

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