Engineering Aid (EA) Evals

EA2 is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Engineering Aide who demonstrates desirable professionalism within his rate. He is an invaluable member who produces stellar results.

-TECHNICAL EXPERT. EA2 flawlessly conducted hands on equipment training for four junior EAs to further develop critical in-rate technical knowledge through study groups. His leadership directly resulted in 100% advancement to the next paygrade for all junior EAs.
-STRONG LEADER. Hand-picked to be second in command of Air Detachment's CSE team during exercise Bearing Duel 02-19. Led a team of 11 Seabees through 10 complex convoy movements and mobile security response for Air Detachment. His efforts enabled successful completion of all assigned missions and were praised by company leadership and NCG-1 inspectors.
-TRAINING FOCUSED. Trained more than 10 Air Detachment Sailors in the proper operation of various Engineering Aide equipment. Additionally, he ran the tech trainer for other line companies, providing expert training on the proper use of the different levels, concrete testing, and operation of density testing equipment. His follow on actions ensured the successful completion of the MCAGCC Twentynine-Palms project, and a Timber Tower Project. RS Cumulative Average: 3.52.

EA2 is a proven asset, dedicated leader and a strong example to follow for his peers. Strongly recommended for advancement to Petty Officer First Class!

Senior Enlisted Advisor for NMCB 11's most remote and diverse detachment during Deployment, OEFTS. He simultaneously planned and executed three missions providing SOCEUR and AFRICOM with over 500 man-days of high quality construction. The importance of these missions cannot be overstated and significantly enhanced the operational capability and training value of Operations SEABREEZE and SHARED ACCORD. He actively drove DET Timor Leste Sailors' personal and professional development leading to 95% SCW designations, 92% retention and five advancements. Additionally, he instituted a physical training program which increased the pass rate to 100% with over 75% scoring excellent or above on the two most recent PFAs.

EA1 Gallo was called upon to utilize his engineering expertise at six Task Force Forward Operating Bases. He conducted pre-deployment site surveys and road design, leading to $5.5M dollars in construction projects at six sites across Afghanistan. This resulted in greater Afghan self-reliance.

Petty Officer Gallo filled the demanding role of the detachment Intel officer, delivering critical updates and timely intelligence information regarding enemy activity that impacted detachment work sites and crews at outlying FOBs. His detailed and timely reports and prioritization of data provided security awareness that was continuously communicated to outlying detail sites. He used available intelligence resources to develop local maps to maintain project security.

He was selected to participate in a Civil Affairs project to construct a 1.5K gallon water tank support platform and irrigation system for a small fruit orchard for local residents. His construction skills were utilized to train junior troops to build 110 relocatable building platforms, 40 pieces of vehicle aircraft dunnage, and 50 storage boxes for compressed gas cylinders, resulting in the safe transport of Task Force personnel and equipment.

During homeport mobilization training, EA2 was responsible for making the CP and COC watch standing boards and all relevant forms and charts for all companies. He provided training to watch board standers during command CP training and to COC watch standers during command COC training. Due to his attention to detail and training skills, he trained many personnel to be proficient in their watch stations. EA2's hard work played a direct role in the success of the Battalion during the field training exercise. Since being in country, he is the COC LEAD POOW and is responsible for training and setting up the watch bill for the COC POOWS.

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