Equipment Operator (EO) Eval Examples

ALFA COMPANY PROJECT Crew Member. Assigned to the R/W HLZ Project in AFGHANISTAN, he provided outstanding earth moving operations on a 10 million square foot runway for MWSS 371 in preparation for the largest AM2 matting lay-down project since WW II. In addition, he worked side by side with Spanish military forces to haul, shape, grade, and compact two 400 meter training roads, an elevated shower pad, and two civilian gravel roads while training five Spanish personnel on the safe operation of the MTVR Dump Truck and vibratory roller.

Crew leader for the resurfacing of the perimeter road, with a budget of $200,000. He lead his crew in the successful removal of 800 cubic yards of waste asphalt and the emplacement of 1020 cubic yards of 3/4 minus. He completed the project with the placement of 750 tons of asphalt, ahead of schedule, and within budget.

While attached to NMCB 5, Equipment Operator third class Robert Paulson performed numerous tasks to further improve the fame of the Seabees. While assigned, he performed numerous earthwork operations to include assisting in cutting, fill grading, and compacting of 10 million square feet of runway for MWSS 371 for the largest AM2 matting lay down since World War II. While deployed to Det Payne, Afghanistan, he performed reconstruction operations including 5.4 miles of grader operations and the placement of 77,000 square feet of geo matting which improved the condition of the Det's only southern Helmand Province supply road, and improved the flow of vital supplies to the Det. As Safety Petty Officer and Crane crew member, he provided 40 safety lectures, several accident-free lifts, and assisted in the successful turn-over of a crane program worth over 1.5 million dollars.

Dispatcher and Work Center Supervisor. He effectively ensured that 1,500 First Echelon Maintenance actions and checks were performed on 554 pieces of Civil Engineer Support Equipment (CESE) worth an estimated $60 million. Additonally, he ensured that all projects received the required equipment to successfully complete their work.

As Embark Chief, he coordinated over 100 movements for 1200 CTF personnel including 12 FAST Marine movements in response to the crisis in North Africa and other embassy locations. He oversaw the movement of over 200 short tons of weapons, tactical and personal gear to support combat and defensive operations in numerous undisclosed areas.

Petty Officer XXXX is a hard-charging Seabee and committed team-player. Eagerly accepts the most challenging assignments and produces exceptional results. Fast tracking for EO2!
- Detail Oriented. As Alfa Co. Equipment Inspector for the XXXX PACOM Deployment Battalion Equipment Evaluation Program, he ensured 342 units of CESE valued at $42M were properly inventoried of all collateral equipment and all maintenance deficiencies were accurately documented. His efforts contributed greatly to the commands ability to provide transportation and logistic support for three major project sites while in Okinawa, Japan.
- Mission Focused. Trained 40 personnel in three Unit Driven Training Embark exercises which provided professional skill and knowledge based training on equipment weighing and marking procedures, 463L pallet and ATTLA certification shoring construction and hazardous cargo preparation. His attention to detail ensured the highest level of readiness for the XXXX PACOM Deployment Mount-Out-Exercise and MCO/HADR response.
- Unrivaled Work Ethic. Single handedly transformed a warehouse left in shambles into the most organized facility on XXXX XXXXX! Re-inventoried 1,394 Embark TOA items valued at $575K critical to Embark mount-out operations. His dedication lead to the only department receiving a perfect score on the Battalion XXXX annual Total Camp Readiness Assessment!
EO3 XXXX exhibits an uncompromising commitment to excellence in support of command goals and objectives. Unlimited growth potential. Highly recommended for advancement to PO2!

Equipment Operator for Naval Special Warfare Group Four (NSWG-4) as excavation project crew leader, EO2 XXXXXX managed the movement of 25,000 cubic yards of dirt from the NSWG-4 compound to the JEB Golf Course. During the course of the project, he ensured all aspects of work were properly and safely completed in a professional and timely manner. By doing so, EO2 not only benefitted the NSW community but also positively impacted the local MWR activity. The crew he led worked over 1,000 man-hours and saved Naval Special Warfare over $3M.

Constructionman Homan's unwavering dedication to duty contributed to the success of Det HOA's Alfa Company. His superb work ethic during the retrograde of the Civil Action Team's house in Dikhil, Djibouti, was invaluable. His efforts to move more than $150 thousand worth of communications equipment and Civil Engineer Support Equipment from the house, allowing for its on-time closure and then, the movement of the equipment to the new house, was vital to the success of the project. His performance, dedication, and operating skills have resulted in his recognition as the NMCB 11 Blue Jacket Sailor of the Quarter, First Quarter, 201X.

His efforts across multiple projects directly contributed to the success of combat engineers securing lines of communication and ensuring the freedom of movement for coalition forces.

Provided outstanding service as SEABEE Combat warfare equipment operator with stellar results.

While deployed to Task Force Keystone, Kandahar Afghanistan, PO1 closely tracked readiness reports and requirements and over 200 units of engineering equipment supporting three engineering units in disparate locations to provide timely and efficient logistic support for the de-mining and the construction of combat outposts during Hamkari phases of operations.

His efforts as license examiner and SEABEE combat warfare instructor, including the issuing of 20 critical equipment licenses and 3M 301 qualifications directly contributed to the successful deployment of 88 personnel and the unit.

His leadership as CFL inspired a culture of fitness throughout the command and led to his selection as third naval construction regiment Sailor of the Year.

Petty Officer Tasker's continuous and detailed analysis of requirements provided accurate forecasting of future equipment requirements and prompted the delivery of additional assets, including D7 dozers and excavators, into the AOR in time to stay on schedule. In addition, his detailed estimation of work and losses were incorporated into standing policy requiring additional equipment be staged in reserve to fill critical shortages.

Trained four personnel while still completing the task on schedule. He had zero mishaps during the 2-month long project. Worked after hours to teach physical readiness to 3 junior sailors.


As Acting Leading Petty Officer at RTSWS, EO2 Mayflower led five Sailors, and five civilian employees. Safety being paramount, he made it his priority to inspect 34 fire extinguishers on site and correct all discrepancies found, ensuring the equipment was ready to be used in the unlikely event of a fire. During the annual safety inspection from CBC Coronado, he received accolades from the inspecting officer showing his appreciation for attention to detail and a job well done.

He inspected the facilities, identified safety issues located at the Resistance Training Laboratory, and led his team in the re-construction of a dilapidated structure used to provide shade to the staff and students. He removed 162 hurricane straps, 16 Joist hangers and 530 Linear Feet of class IV material. He then fitted and anchored existing Joists and support beams that met building codes, resulting in a much safer structure. Then, using excess Class IV material from the Resistance training laboratory, he oversaw and assisted in the construction and installation of nine 20FT X 8FT floors and lightning grounding systems for the inclemate weather shelters, providing the students protection from the weather and cold weather injuries. This action saved the command $5K in material and contractor labor costs.

He orchestrated the placement of a 1.5 Cubic Yard concrete pad used for two electrical panels with meter. To support it, he installed 100 FT of PVC conduit fastened to the electrical pole with weather head attached. He then assisted with the installation of 300 FT of #2, #4, and #8 copper wire running from the pole to the GPF structure, where he tied into four previously placed pull boxes. This provided electrical power to the building which expanded the instructors' ability to conduct training. He installed a three leg lightning strike grounding system for inclemate weather and assisted with constructing awnings over the entrances of the structure to prevent water damage, saving the command $10,000 in labor costs.


Proficient Planner and Operator: He aggressively directed Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two Eight's (NMCB 28) ALFA Company in preparation for and execution of three pre-mobilization exercises. He directed operations to deploy 120 personnel in support of CENTCOM, lead 89 Seabees through an extremely successful Field Training Exercise (FTX) directed by Naval Construction Group (NCG) Two in Gulf Port, MS, and an FTX with NCG One in Port Hueneme, CA. Chief Densmore maintained 100% accountability of personnel and a 98% availability rate for equipment. He proactively identified and resolved complex manning and equipment deficiencies in preparation for these exercises thus enabling the Battalion to move freely without interruption. His actions have further prepared ALFA Company and the Battalion for forward operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

- Unwavering Dedication: Chief Densmore distinguished himself through outstanding leadership while deployed with NMCB 28 as the Alfa Company Chief. He organized 102 Equipment Operators and Construction Mechanics from seven different Units and integrated them into a fully mission-capable company to support 13 life, health and safety projects at Kandahar Airfield. They completed 269,358 Square feet of grading, placed 2000 metric tons of back fill, and installed 130 Hesco Barriers. They also built a Persistent Threat Deterrent System site, a Q53 U.S. Army radar platform, and a leveling project which directly supported a base for the Afghan National Army, while remaining on time and under budget for every project, thereby saving the government over $300,000 in man-hours. Then upon mission priority shift, he provided heavy equipment support to deconstruct an abandoned headquarters building and a former U.S. Air Force camp on Kandahar Airfield which covered 16 acres on an enduring NATO base.

- Excellent Manager and Leader: Chief Densmore expertly managed all aspects of battalion horizontal construction equipment, including joint inventory, readiness inspection and maintenance of 277 items of Construction Engineering Support Equipment (CESE) and 6,800 pieces of collateral equipment worth $22,000,000 at four detachment sites throughout the CENTCOM Area of Operations (AOR). This allowed NMCB 28 Task Force Coda to support its partnering mission with the U.S. Army and the Afghan National Engineering Brigade.

- Effective mentor: Driving force behind "attitude of excellence" across ALFA Company and Battalion; inspires others to excel. He overswa and participated in 88 Career Development Boards, providing sailors with valuable career guidance and direction that led to increased morale and work production. In recognition of his troops, he wrote and submitted 13 Army Achievement Medals and four Army Commendation Medals, as well as three Command Advancement program packages resulting in two selections for advancement.

- Mission Focus: Despite losing half of the company due to theater retrograde requirements, he continued to lead his remaining Seabees to successfully and safely turn over 140 pieces of CESE to Defense Logistics Agency, moved 77 other pieces of CESE from Kandahar Air Field to Bagram Air Field, thereby still retaining 29 pieces of CESE for Theater Engineering Brigade (TEB) contingency operations and successfully reset 55 pieces of CESE back to the US.

- Mission Oriented: Chief Densmore directly supported the Afghan National Engineering Brigade training, Advise and Assist mission by providing 32 horizontal construction instructors and 11 vehicles for training and line hauling $1,300,000 of construction materials to an Afghan base for multiple partnered life, health, and safety construction projects.

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