Primary duty position: Admin/Personnel

Ranked #1 of 5 in Admin department and #4 of 10 assigned.  An absolute must select for
Chief Petty Officer.
- Through his leadership, the Admin department completed a flawless command admin and
personnel record inspection.  Personnel records management was specifically praised by
the COMNAVSURLANT inspection team.  His performance was reflected in his selection as
Sailor of the Quarter.  Meticulously tracked  a $67,000 TAD budget.
- Model appearance, flawless conduct.  Scored Outstanding on last 3 PRTs.
- Has completed 30 semester hours towards an Associates Degree in Management.  He
provided training for 15 junior personnel on organization and time management procedures.
His involvement in training and mentoring junior personnel has resulted in 10 reenlistments
and his department maintaining a 90 percent retention rate.
- President of the Davy Jones Elementary School Parent Teacher Association.  He worked
500 hours refurbishing playground equipment and participating in the reading program.
PN1 XXXXX is ready for immediate promotion to PNC.  He has the mental maturity  and
administrative knowledge to be an outstanding Limited Duty Officer and is strongly
recommended for a commissioning program.

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