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NAVPERS 1616/26 Evaluation/Counseling Record (E1-E6)

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Navy Eval example Navy Eval example Navy Eval example Navy Eval example Navy Eval example Navy Eval example

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Petty Officer Olivencia is versatile and highly motivated. Despite being onboard for a short time, she has made significant contributions in a number of areas at SEC DET. Impeccable military bearing, loyalty and appearance.
-GOAL ORIENTATED, INSPIRATIONAL TEAM PLAYER. Petty Officer Olivencia constantly invigorates subordinates to perform all missions at the absolute limit of their abilities.
-SAFETY MINDED. Insistence on strict adherence to all published policies and safety procedures. Completed reports by recording observations, occurrences, and surveillance activities. Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property, inspecting surroundings and access points. Verifies and approves proper identification for personnel entering or leaving the premises. Ensures appropriate security interventions in physical/verbal altercations.
-GIFTED MENTOR/CAREER COUNSELOR. Actively involved in the development of Sailors providing sage advice and up-to-date information on a myriad of retention related subjects to enhance their personal and professional growth. She conducted six CDBs culminating in two re-enlistments.
Petty Officer Olivencia has my strongest recommendation for conversion to Religious Program Specialist (RP) rating and advancement to the next higher Pay-Grade.

Ranked #1 of 7 PO1s. A proven performer who exhibits unsurpassed level of knowledge and management skills. Performs at the level of a seasoned Chief Petty Officer. PROMOTE NOW!!
-LOGISTICS EXPERT. Led his team through 560 checklist items during the 2016 MAV resulting in zero discrepancies; achieved a score of 94% which resulted in the Battle "E" Award! As Acting Logistics Chief, he flawlessly led 55 Sailors/Marines through cargo operations in the movement of 500 pieces of equipment valued at $200M with zero loss/damages.
-SUPERB MANAGER. Command DAPA and SAPR. Coordinated training for 56 Sailors resulting in zero incidents and increased command awareness at Regiment and Battalion level.
-DECKPLATE LEADER. Sound mentorship and guidance led to 29 advancements, 1 SOQ, 2 JSOQ contributing to their overall professional development. Revamped a dormant CPO 365 program. Facilitated 5 training session to 12 personnel. Organized 5 Command events, chaired 4 JSOQ/BJOQ boards, 1 JSOY/BJOY board as the FCPOA President.
-CIVIC MINDED. Volunteered 120 hours as a Youth Football and Basketball coach; tutored 25 adolescents in personal development which made a huge impact while fostering a positive rapport in the community as a Navy Ambassador.
PO1 James demonstrates the capacity to lead at the Chief Petty Officer level and has earned my strongest possible recommendation for only the most challenging billets. ABSOLUTE MUST FOR IMMEDIATE SELECTION TO CHIEF PETTY OFFICER!!

-OUTSTANDING PROGRAM MANAGER. As PKI Program Manager at a 4 star combatant command, managed 32 Installations; consisting of 77 Trusted Agents; ensuring 100% personal accountability of USSOUTHCOM AOR successfully communicating to all forward deployed units.
-SELECTED BY PEERS TO BE THE FCPOA Vice-President. Provided welfare for the command, as well as the community by planning and coordinating 4 functions including an Adopt-A-Road activity, and managed 4 fundraisers resulting in raising $1247. Enthusiastically participated in CPO 365, adding value to peers by accepting guidance from Genuine Chiefs.
-COMMAND INVOLVEMENT. Earned EIDWS pin, immediately switched gears to provide boarding of 26 Sailors, enabling them to get their EIDWS Qualification. As the SOUTHCOM J6 Directorate CFC Rep; raised $3,621 for the command, which helped reach SOUTHCOM's goal of $131,659.
-COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. For his service as an AFCEA member of 2 years, he collaborated with new sponsors that raised $5000.00 in Educational STEM Scholarship funds, manage four corporate sponsorships totaling $9000.00, helped lead the chapter's effort to award $1600 grant to our local Elementary School Robotics team, and initiated our new membership drive which increased membership by 15%. Petty Officer X has produced SUSTAINED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE as a First Class Petty Officer.

-EXCEPTIONAL MANAGER! As Assistant Operations Departmental 3MA, he facilitated xx hours of training, qualified xx Sailors in 3M PQS, managed 4 Work Center's and xx personnel in the effective performance of x,xxx hours of maintenance. His efforts as 3MTT member were instrumental in improving ship wide Administrative Effectiveness Review(AER) scores, which greatly contributed to CHAFEE's successful 3M LTT.
-TECHNICAL EXPERT! Petty Officer Dunn has DRASTICALLY improved divisional technical competency, dedicating xx hours to training on PMS procedural compliance, corrective procedures, and QA. As CSTT member, his expert leadership and knowledge were invaluable in creating tactically significant and detail driven CSTT scenarios to improve watch stander proficiency which directly led to a highly successful EW certification.
-COMMAND INVOLVED! As command OPSEC Assistant he trained 240 sailors providing improved awareness and training in preventing inadvertent disclosure of official information.
Petty Officer Dunn is an exceptional mentor, proven performer, and standard bearer for all to emulate.

Petty Officer Pq's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work, contributes full measure to any task, willingly added responsibility.
This Petty Officer is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and pays meticulous attention to detail. Aggressively seeks to aid his work center by training for and accepting new responsibilities. Tireless optimism and a key member.
Forward thinking and meticulous, IT2 Pq has assisted with scheduling over 1000 DRMO items during an audit of 3.2K pieces of IT equipment valued at $2M eliminating backlog.
Assisted in the creation of USNH Yokosuka's first ever IMIT Christmas care-package handout for junior sailors.
Expert technician, IT2 Pq has helped with more than 150 workstation upgrades and more than 75 workstation installations, saving the command over $4K in civilian overtime costs. Assisted in the creation of 50 new user accounts for maximum Patient Care.
A rare combination of efficiency and integrity, IT2 Pq provided leadership and the best possible environment for challenge with increased responsibility!

- Superior Inspector. Lead Work Center production contributing to 800 Maintenance actions.He personally inspected and completed 250 maintenance actions with 930 man hours accounting for 12 percent of total Maintenance actions contributing to the RFI rate of XX%.
-Devoted Manager. As the work center's Corrosion Petty Officer he made sure all personnel were properly educated on proper corrosion prevention, Material Data Sheets, Personal Protective equipment, and Preoperational Maintenance System. He also Tracked, Documented and Maintained respirators for 19 qualified personnel receiving a grade of "On Track" during the 2015 Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) and Commander of Naval Air Forces (CNAF) Inspections.
-Diligent Mentor. Trained 59 Marines and Sailors in over 75 topics consisting of, Collateral Duty Inspector, Navy Advancement, Support Equipment, Avionics Equipment, Mentorship, and Programs leading to 5 Collateral Duty Inspectors, and 6 Static Frequenct Conveter qualified personnel increasing training, bench awareness, and prodution time by XX percent.

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