Navy Eval Example

Primary duty position: Training Manager

Petty Officer XX constantly demonstrates exceptional initiative and the
desire to exceed the command's training requirements at all levels. 
-Excellent work ethic. Meticulously provided in-rate training for 339 personnel
while effectively tracking progress and course completions via the command's
Personnel Management Tracker system. In addition, she updated 68 Fleet Training
Management and Planning System reports while tracking the Department's annual
General Military Training requirements. Her efforts directly resulted in
accurately tracking, identifying, and managing 100% of N3 personnel. 
- Enthusiastic and dedicated leader. A stellar member of the Command Readiness
Training Team (CRTT), she was personally responsible for training and executing
CRTT drills for 5 watch sections thus enabling NCTAMS LANT to continuously
maintain a high level of operational readiness within the Department and the command.  
- Energetic and diligent. Assisted in XX fund raising events and devoted XX hours
as a key member of the NCTAMS LANT Diversity Committee raising over $500 
Petty Officer XX is a stellar performer who consistently displays pride and
professionalism in all facets of her job. Strong recommendation for promotion to PO1. 

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