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Chief Eval Example

Evaluation submitted upon member's transfer to USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN-77)

If ranked, would be my #1 of 86 FCPO's. SSOQ FY17 2nd QTR. Seasoned DECKPLATE LEADER producing high degree of success for FRCMA DET NORFOLK. An asset to gaining command.
- Masterfully led 68 Sailors to unprecedented productivity. Achieved 7,240 maintenance actions with zero mishaps and trained four new E6's on NAMP programs and CSEC procedures, resulting on five "On-Track" work centers during two consecutive semi-annual QA audits.
- CPO 365 Phase I Assistant Coordinator. Implemented and led MCPON Guided training for 86 FCPO's and 34 CPO's. Managed 24 training and PT sessions, four COMRELS, and three team building exercise enhancing the confidence and leadership skills of our future CPO Mess.
- FCPOA President. Directed 86 PO1's raising $5,987 for the 2016 Christmas Party and chaired the selection of seven SOQ's and one BJOY/JSOY. As CFS, provided financial guidance for 698 personnel and quarterly training for eight assistant CFS. Involved in the development of 48 Sailors providing sound mentorship, resulting in a 95 percent divisional retention rate. Dedicated 46 hours at Volunteers of America's Operation Backpack and Lighthouse Center, provided shelter and food for homeless showing strong Navy presence.
Sets a new standard of leadership skills, technical expertise and managerial excellence. Well overdue for a position of higher authority and responsibility. PROMOTE NOW!

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