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When you realize that the success of the Navy mission depends on putting the right people in the right job, you can grasp the importance of the annual evaluation. The information contained in this critical document is used to select candidates for the Navy's most challenging and key billets. As you advance in rank, the importance of your annual evaluation only increases and it's vitally important that it be completed accurately.

NAVPERS 1616/27 Chief Eval

Writing a ChiefEval/FITREP

Squeezing a year's performance into only 18 lines is a challenge. And when you consider the impact that this single document has, you realize how important it is to make every single word count. The most efficient way to get started is to brainstorm first. List all the ratee's accomplishments on a separate sheet of paper. Write down everything that might qualify as an accomplishment that occurred during the reporting period:

  • Significant qualifications earned
  • Awards received
  • Professional achievments
  • Educational accomplishments (Navy schools, correspondence courses, and civilian courses)
  • Collateral duties
  • Command and community involvement
  • Any other information that might be noteworthy

Then when you have all the information on paper, you can start sorting and prioritizing the information. Below is a discussion on the Block 41, Comments on Performance block, and general guidance on how to record your accomplishments. The Comments on Performance block has three main divisions which vary somewhat in size as needed: The Introduction, The Accomplishments Section, and The Summary.

The Introduction

The goal of the FitRep is to accurately and completely describe a Sailor's performance. And that can't be done by simply creating a laundry list of achievements. Listing noteworthy accomplishments does provide some insight into a manager's abilities but it doesn't provide the whole picture. Merely listing achievements doesn't give any indication as to what kind of leader or supervisor the person might be. A Seaman might have the best accomplishments in the fleet but be an unbearable pain in the ass and impossible to work with. He or she might be the best at fixing a broken radio but the absolute worst at sharing experience or getting along with others. And those social qualities are equally as important as a person's technical skills. So, in addition to describing a person's professional and technical skills, we need a way to inform the report's reader on the subject's social skills, his integrity, his character, his loyalty and other qualities which are not apparent when merely reading a list of accomplishments. The introduction, the first two or three lines in the Comments on Performance block, is where this is done. These are the only lines where descriptive, subjective terms and adjectives are tolerated and even encouraged. More...


As stated above, the goal of the ChiefEval is to accurately and fully describe a Sailor's performance. While the introduction provides information on the subject's personality and character, most of the Comments on Performance block is reserved for recording the subject's accomplishments during the reporting period. A list of accomplishments provide a factual window onto a person's abilities, skills, and productivity. They are an indication of the subject's ability to learn, progress, manage, and lead. The number of lines devoted to accomplishments compared to the number of lines set aside for the introduction give you an idea of their importance to the Navy. Technical and professional qualities are critically important for advancement, fully as important as a person's social and leadership skills! More...

The Summary

The Summary: Just as the introductory lines were a masterpiece of concise expression, the summary line(s) must sum up the impression the writer is trying to convey. More...

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*** My #2 of 15 Ensigns onboard DECATUR! ***

ENS Brooks's work ethic and dedication to excellence have brought unparalleled success to Combat Missiles Division and DECATUR.
-MISSION CRITICAL. Under her expert guidance, DECATUR'S strike team scored 96% during CMTQ two days ahead of schedule. As ECO, she spearheaded SLAMEX 16-04 and 16-10, FST-J, IDCERTEX, and Texas Thunder 16-02, resulting in the simulated launch of 3,200 TLAM. Her engagement planning and missile management improved DECATUR's from T4 to T2.
-PROVEN LEADER. She led six VLS Sailors through five deluge casualties without the technical expertise of a LCPO, completing repairs in time for ammo onload. She organized strike warfare training for 30 Combat and Bridge watchstanders and two AECOs, greatly improving DECATUR's offensive mission readiness.
-OUTSTANDING MANAGER. In preparation for C7F deployment, she planned, managed, and provided oversight of the arrangement and configuration of VLS for two scheduled and three emergent ammunition onloads.
ENS Brooks is a top-performing division officer with an extremely bright future. She has my highest recommendation for WTI assignment and Department Head selection.

- Hands on leadership of 235 postal operations personnel resulted in the processing of 210,000 pieces of mail and an "Excellent" score on the USFLTFORCOM Postal Audit and ensured the command's seventh consecutive Blue "E" Award for Supply excellence.
OUTSTANDING SAILORIZATION- Mentored 294 Sailors as Departmental Career Counselor, resulting in the command earning a fourth consecutive Retention Excellence Award. Led 13 Sponsor Coordinators in implementing standardized procedures, guaranteeing 100% contact of 42 Sailors ensuring preparedness for immediate Command Indoctrination induction.
DECKPLATE LEADER- Educated 38 FCPOS and 20 CPOS in MCPON'S CPO 365 Vision. Fully engaged as an ESL and DCTT member, he provided training to 130 firefighters and ensured the qualification of 7 JOODs, 10 POOWs and 18 MOOWs, resulting in a high level of duty section readiness.

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