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Primary duty position: Leading Chief Petty Officer, Electronic Repair Division, Kings Bay, Georgia

- Chief Petty Officer Roland is an outstanding leader and manager. Consistently superior
performer. Totally dedicated to mission accomplishment. Intelligent, charismatic team player
with natural ability to inspire civilian and military personnel. Unlimited potential.
Selected as division leading chief over several senior personnel. Accomplishments include: 
- Division Officer. Flawlessly managed electronic repair division for three months. Masterful
utilization of 77 person work force and 29,000 man-hours directly led to successful
completion of 830 job requests during seven TRIDENT and Poseidon submarine refits. 
- Excellent Counselor. Detailed knowledge of command and higher authority regulations made
screening of military matters, training, and qualifications effortless.
- Mentored sailors. Superior ability to educate personnel on monetary issues was of
immeasurable benefit to department and command. Communicates very well with subordinates.
- Superb administrator. Directly responsible for impressive increase in division efficiency
and effectiveness. Reduced processing time for enlisted evaluations by 40%. 
- Tireless volunteer. Devoted over 150 hours to community youth programs in Nassau County.
- Awarded fourth Good Conduct Medal and TRIREFFAC Letter of Commendation. Completed Career
Information and Counseling, Alcohol and Drug Awareness for Managers and Supervisors, Command
Financial Specialist Training and Empowerment for Leaders, Supervisors and Managers.
- Chief Petty Officer Roland enjoys my complete trust and confidence. Promote to Senior Chief!

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