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Primary duty position:

Chief Petty Officer XXX directed numerous improvements in the Line Division.  His managerial style
and dedication to duty are reflected in the numerous qualifications and advancements of his personnel.
His impeccable military bearing, honesty, and integrity have served as an inspiration to his subordinates.
Through his leadership, he has solidified the Line Division into a cohesive and smoothly operating
unit that directly contributed to the squadron's winning of the 1999 COMNAVAIRPAC Battle "E" Award.  
- Inspiring mentor.  Improved Rate Training by incorporating a Computer Based Training program
in the work center that allowed personnel to study and prepare for the Navy Wide Exam.
Innovative efforts resulted in the advancement of 5 Petty Officers and designation of two
Airmen contributing to the squadron's 69 percent advancement rate. 
- Astute Organizer.  Effectively managed the qualifications of 28 non-designated personnel resulting
in the designation of 6 new Plane Captains within a 5-month period.
His leadership enabled the command to amass 233 sorties and 644 flight hours during Stike
Fighter Advanced Readiness Program training and Exercise COBRA GOLD. 
- Developed a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation detailing the Navy's policies
on Hazing and STD's that he presented at the Squadron's Command Indoctrination Program. 

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