Closing Statements, Recommendations


Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith has excelled at and grown beyond his responsibilities as SCPO. Promote to Master Chief now!

He is well-rounded in every performance category and has been thoroughly vetted for Senior Chief Petty Officer. He exemplifies excellence and is a perfect candidate for Senior Enlisted Advisor. PROMOTE TO SENIOR CHIEF NOW!

Petty Officer Jones' exemplary conduct and dedication to duty have earned the respect of everyone in his watch section as well as Senior Petty Officers.

Good performer, accomplished tasks with minimal supervision; works well with peers; promote

An outstanding CPO who leads by example; a solid professional ready for increased responsibility; promote!

PO1 Ruiz is a superior Petty Officer and Communicator; NCTAMSLANT Sailor of the Quarter. Definitely promote now!

Supervises two Seamen; both are ahead of their peers in work center qualification completion. A born leader, promote at first opportunity.

Senior Chief Willard is a driven SCPO with outstanding results. Continue to entrust with increasing responsibility--Promote now!

Outstanding PO2! Achievements key to ship winning 2006 COMNAVSURFLANT BlakelyCup--#1 of 12 ships

Great technician; knowledgeable on all workcenter communications systems; promote

HMC Dennis is a superstar, clearly excelling in a demanding assignment. He is an excellent candidate for Senior Chief. PROMOTE TO SENIOR CHIEF NOW AND KEEP HIM MOVING!

My go-to manager for replenishing planning; an outstanding CPO with exceptional experience, promote to SCPO now!

Managed 120 personnel in 5 demanding work centers: clearly demonstrates the potential for increased management responsibility

Mature and confident Seaman with extraordinary knowledge and initiative--immediately promote to E-6!

Absolutely superior Petty Officer; excelled in job performance, community service and leadership. Promote at once!

ITC1 Norbert has shown tremendous growth, has overcome all obstacles, and is ready for a more challenging billet. A clear choice for Chief Petty Officer, Promote NOW!

Senior Chief Smith exemplifies our core values and brings out the best of those around him. He possesses all the capabilities of an outstanding Command Senior Chief. He has my strongest personal recommendation for Master Chief Petty Officer.

Dependable SCPO, my ability to trust him with command on a daily basis has provided opportunities for growth.

An outstanding Petty Officer with unlimited potential. He has demonstrated his dedication to mission accomplishment by a positive, can-do attitude and continuous self-improvement. Strongly recommended for advancement and retention in the US Naval service.

My #1 Petty Officer; selected as Health Services Manager of the Year 2007. Promote ahead of peers!

HMC Pozzi is a superstar, clearly excelling in a demanding assignment. He is an excellent candidate for Command Senior Chief. PROMOTE TO SENIOR CHIEF NOW AND KEEP HIM MOVING!

First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

Maintained a million property account with a 98% accuracy rating. Best accountability of ten sections. Prime candidate for increased responsibilities.

Exceptional performer! Further challenge with most difficult tasks. Promote ahead of peers!

The ability to inspire and enable the Enlisted and Officers to do their best despite all obstacles to their success set this leader apart. Unmatched foresight and accomplishment, a true standout at Fleet HQ. He has my strongest recommendation for immediate advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect. The only E-6 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer, a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!

Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the Navy's toughest challenges. Promote to his potential.

Recent Air Force Leadership School graduate; poised to accept more challenging duties. Ready to promote.

Aboard for only six months, SA Cuciniello is already 75% qualified on work center maintenance training tasks. Promote when ready.

Hard charging seaman whose willingness to strive forward has set him apart from his peers. Promote!

None better at what they do! Should already be a Chief Petty Officer. PROMOTE IMMEDIATELY!

Phenomenal Sailor; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; ready for promotion now!

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