Closing Statements


A top-tier sailor with unmatched dedication to duty and personal performance. PROMOTE!

XXX is a dynamic Sailor performing like a Third Class Petty Officer! PROMOTE HER NOW!

Stellar Performance! Seized every opportunity for technical training and advancement! BACKDATE THAT PROMOTION!

Exceeds expectations, exemplary demeanor, appearance, and leadership skills. Excels in all roles.
***Embodies the traits of a First Class Petty Officer. Promote NOW***

Petty Officer XXX continues to exceed all expectations and is quickly becoming one of my go to Sailors. He has earned my strongest recommendation for retention and advancement.

Petty Officer Harvey continues to excel leading sailors at sea. She has my strongest recommendatin for selection to Chief Petty Officer or commissioning through the LDO program. She is the future of the Navy-SELECT HER NOW

Engineer sought out by all peers to troubleshoot, operate, and teach in every aspect of a DDG Engineering plant. A born leader known for getting the job done!

This Sailor will take charge and carry out the plan of the day on shore, at sea or in a hostile fire zone. Promote now!

AC1 Smith has demonstrated his capability and grown beyond his duties as Petty Officer First Class. Support the Department and the Navy by advancing to Chief now.

AO2 Snell is a standout performer who maintains the trust and confidence of his peers and chain of command. His relentless drive to complete all tasks from start to finish with unrivaled results makes AO2 Snell a juggernaut amongst his peers. He would be a welcomed addition to the ranks of PETTY OFFICER FIRST CLASS!!!

Highly recommended for assignment to position requiring increased leadership. Recommended for advancement to Chief Petty Officer.

Chief Farley is an astute Sailor. He has met all challenges at all levels and is ready to excel in any billet assigned. A clear choice for Senior Chief, Promote NOW!

A proven leader and team builder. Select now for only the most challenging duties as a MMCPO.

SA Pozzi is a very talented, well trained electronics and systems technician who inspires her peers

A rare combination of efficiency and integrity, this Chief provided leadership and the best possible environment for success...overdue for promotion to SCPO!

Flexible and versatile leader with unbounded potential, ready to assume SCPO responsibilities!

ROCK SOLID PERFORMER. consistently provides high-caliber maintenance and technical direction.

FN1 Myers is a master of his trade. I rely on his knowledge and expertise on the system DAILY. PROMOTE!

An outstanding team player! Propelled unit to win 2006 AFCEA Copernicus Award. PROMOTE immediately!

Attended Enlisted Professional Development Seminar. Developed supervisory writing skills. Ready for promotion to PO1 now!

Petty Officer Parker's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Merits my strongest recommendation for promotion!

Seaman Jones displays a keen aptitude for increased responsibility. Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility. He has my strongest possible recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer Second Class.

A section leader with unmatched dedication to duty and personal performance. Promote now to PO1!

PO1 Smith is a dedicated team player who possesses outstanding leadership and management skills that are the driving force behind the detachment's success. SELECT FOR CHIEF NOW!!

Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the Navy's toughest challenges. Promote to his potential.

DYNAMIC LEADER and MENTOR! His success in filling critical manning deficiencies enabled DISA-EUR to maintain the highest state of personnel readiness.

Excelled as Construction Foreman, a post normally held by seasoned SCPO. Assumed new duties with uncommon zeal. Assign to next rate now.


Confident and dependable, XXXXXXXX is an indispensable member of the work center. PROMOTE.

A superb radio operator. Definitely promote this outstanding and professional operator!

Senior Chief Smith is highly recommended for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.

A true professional who's always in the middle of our most critical processes. Promote immediately!

ET1 Clark's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work. A dedicated, cooperative, and hard-working individual who performs all duties in an accurate and enthusiastic manner.

Boundless potential. Dignified appearance, reflecting obvious pride in self and service. He is highly recommended for advancement to First Class Petty Officer.

An earnest and capable seaman, she exhibits discipline in working towards completion of qualification training.

Exceptional Patient Administrator committed to successful completion of all assigned tasks. MUST PROMOTE with peers!

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