Navy EVAL Closing Statements

AN xxx continues to be a rising star in the xx division and demonstrates the ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility. Promote now!

A dedicated, highly reliable and hard-working individual whose valued contribution to this command is unparalleled.

Constantly strives for both professional and personal development, and will be a work force multiplier anywhere!

MC1 Smith is an outstanding Mass Communications Specialist and leading member of my staff who I most highly recommend for the most challenging and demanding jobs. PROMOTE TO CPO and continue to detail to the Navy's most critical PA billets. He is a true superstar.

has shown consistency in work ethic continuing to be reliable and steady.

This is the one to become our next MCPON!

Petty Officer Smith takes immense pride in wearing the Navy uniform. His appearance and bearing are above reproach. His excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written, make him an outstanding candidate for all Navy educational programs leading to a commission. Highly recommended for advancement and retention in the Naval service. (3 or 4)

Solid performer; displays exceptional leadership qualities /abilities. Recommend promotion soonest

A positive leadership example that consistently brought out the best in her subordinates...promote now!

PO Rudolfo is excelling in a challenging position and already operating at the next level. Promote to Chief now!

OUTSTANDING PO who is scorching the competition. A true leader. Strive to develop a cohesive Chief's Mess that focuses on the commands success. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

SN Callahan is a hard working, versatile Seaman. Quickly work center qualified. Challenge with more responsibilities.

My go-to manager for replenishing planning; an outstanding CPO with exceptional experience, promote to SCPO now!

ITC1 Wayne has shown tremendous growth, has overcome all obstacles, and is ready for a more challenging billet. A clear choice for Chief Petty Officer, Promote NOW!

P.O. Smith is an asset to the Combined Bachelors Quarters and the United States Navy. His outstanding performance has contributed significantly to the high level of success achieved by this command. He is highly recommended for advancement to First Class Petty Officer. a quality PO; displayed knowledge, drive, and initiative in completing any task-->promote now!

Star performer! Received only billet available from the Command for promotion to ET1

Early Promote Closings

Must Promote Closings

Promotable Closings

Retirement Closing Statements

Significant Problems Closings

Petty Officer Jones is already performing at the Chief Petty Officer level. He should be assigned to our most critical and responsible leadership positions. Select for CPO NOW!

Top 15% of my CPOs; superior technical expertise paired with unmatched motivation - promote to Senior Chief!

Chief O' Toole is truly a "go to" Chief. Strongly recommend him for selection to Senior Chief. PROMOTE NOW TO ITCS!

Confident and dependable, quickly becoming an integral member of the work center. Promote.

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect. The only E-6 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer, a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!

IT2 Miller is a dynamic leader and has my STRONGEST recommendation for advancement to Chief!

Senior Chief Smith has my strongest recommendation for selection as Chief of the Boat and immediate advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer

PO Wanda is as good as they get! Enjoys my strongest possible recommendation for immediate selection to Chief

Consistently strives for improvement, working diligently towards career progression...recommend immediate promotion

Phenomenal Sailor; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; ready for promotion now!

A superb technician; highly motivated and dependable; consistently delivered quality service to customers; promote.

Superior leader and professional; sets a high standard for his peers & subordinates to emulate--ready for promotion and greater responsibility

Senior Chief Smith is excelling in a tough position. Already operating at the next level. PROMOTE TO MASTER CHIEF NOW!

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