Navy EVAL Closing Statements

Petty Officer Stephens constantly delivered outstanding results and consistently went above and beyond the call of duty, always willing to volunteer for additonal duties and responsibilites far beyond what was expected of someone in his position. YN2 Stephens' remarkable performance and support over the last several months and thoughout several multi-unit events has been an immeasurable service to both the department and the United States Navy.(transfer from active duty to Reserves)

Petty Officer Smith's take charge attitude and "can do" spirit paired with his natural ability made him my first choice for Watch Section Supervisor. He has unlimited potential for future leadership positions with increased authority and responsibility. Highly recommended for advancement. (4)

SN Jones possesses a strong record of credibility, loyalty and dedication. A true team player. Promote now!

Revised training qualification program; reduced required training for site qualification, reducing qualification time by 50%--increased productivity! Recommend for management post.

Displays exceptional leadership qualities, ability to get the job done; recommend promotion/retention

SN Edwards is a dynamic seaman and multi-talented mechanic. He readily accepts increased responsibilities. Promote Now!

PN1 Taylor is ready for immediate promotion to PNC. He has the mental maturity and administrative knowledge to be an outstanding Limited Duty Officer and is strongly recommended for a commissioning program.

The most conscientious, loyal, and dedicated PO Iíve served with in 20 years-- Promote to Chief Now!

Recipient of COMSUBLANT Superior Performer Award for December 06; promote ahead of peers!

PN1 Poole is an absolutely superior Petty Officer; challenge with greater responsibility--must promote immediately to Chief!

Petty Officer Noonan is a dedicated, cheerful, and hard-working individual who performs all duties in a thoughtful and enthusiastic manner. Always contributes full measure to any task and his willingness to accept added responsibility increases his potential for positions of more responsibility.

My number one Mobility line troop. Can always be counted on to ensure compliance with requirements

Early Promote Closings

Must Promote Closings

Promotable Closings

Significant Problems Closings

PO1 Smith is a dedicated team player who possesses outstanding leadership and management skills that are the driving force behind the detachment's success. SELECT FOR CHIEF NOW!!

Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the Navy's toughest challenges. Promote to his potential.

DYNAMIC LEADER and MENTOR: His success in filling critical manning deficiencies enabled DISA-EUR to maintain highest state of personnel readiness.

Excelled as Construction Foreman, a post normally held by seasoned SCPO; Assumed new duties with uncommon zeal. Assign to next rate now.

Superior leader and professional; sets high standards for his peers to emulate--ready for promotion!

Confident and dependable, quickly becoming an integral member of the work center. Promote.

A superb radio operator. Definitely promote this outstanding and professional operator

Senior Chief Smith is highly recommended for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.

A true professional who's always in the middle of our most critical processes. Promote immediately!

P.O. Clark's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work. A dedicated, cheerful, and hard-working individual who performs all duties in an accurate and enthusiastic manner. Boundless potential. Dignified appearance, reflecting obvious pride in self and service. He is highly recommended for advancement to First Class Petty Officer.

An earnest and capable seaman, she exhibits discipline in working towards completion of qualification training

Exceptional Patient Administrator committed to successful completion of all assigned tasks. Must promote with peers!

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