Search and Rescue (SAR) Swimmer

Petty Officer Newsome demonstrated superior peformance in his duties as Safety Officer for 11 underway replenishments, and as primary rescue swimmer for over 23 boat operations with zero safety mishaps. He recovered a man overboard on USS Sterett's post-deployment Tiger cruise.

As primary designated Search and Rescue swimmer, he conducted numerous evolutions through two 6th fleet deployments. He trained five rescue swimmer candidates and certified USS Cole through two 1.4 certifications.

Was selected, in a highly competitve draft, to become a U.S. Navy air rescue swimmer and was ranked within the top 20 nationwide. His high motivation and never quit attitude made him an indispensable assest to the NSW/NSO program.

BM1 Eisman developed Mass Casualty stations for ATFP and DC scenarios during operational pause and Ships' "Rodeo". Also facilitated 5 Mass Casualty drill sets and effectively trained over 100 duty section personnel in mass casualty response and triage management.

OS2 Leyte has been the only SAR swimmer onboard PC CREW ALPHA since his arrival. His extraordinary initiative, dedication, and attention to detail have lead PC CREW ALPHA through 2 pre-deployment training cycles and 2 fifth fleet deployments.

During an initial Cast and Recovery flight for NSW Group 1, responded to a multiple victim scenario and quickly jumped as rescue swimmer instead of waiting for another SAR asset, saving time and preventing further injury to victims.

Instructed and trained over 20 military and civilians as second class swimmers to meet requirements for all personnel who work on the water.

RECOGNIZED EXPERT. As the Lead Scout Sniper Corpsman and Scout swimmer he was hand selected to teach water safety to 60 personnel, directly increasing survivability and overall war fighting capabilities of the battalion.

Petty Officer Kale demonstrated exceptional situational awareness and operational ability during a high-risk combat swimmer training dive evolution when his swim buddy lost consciousness under water and he immediately executed flawless buddy rescue procedures and saved his life.

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