Culinary Specialist Submarine CS/SS

Qualified OOD as an E-4, which is usually stood by a senior E-5 or above. Dedicated over 150 hours to community service through volunteering for Subvets, Memorial Hospital, and East Lyme Pediatrics Clinic. Hand picked to prepare and serve gourmet meals to COMSUBFOR, Brazil's CNO, and Commander Submarine Group 2.

As Leading Petty Officer, he was the driving force behind a complete galley overhaul costing over 1.5 millon dollars. His tireless efforts were instrumental in Pirate's Cove Galley being upgraded to a Five Star Galley. He also played a key role in 20 personnel advancing in rate. His thousands of hours of volunteer work with several local and on-base groups was a factor in Kings Bay SUBASE receiving the community relations award.

While serving as Galley Watch Captain, USS NEVADA BLUE Culinary Specialist division, Petty Officer Bravo identified a temperature reading outside of specifications on the topside freezer. He took immediate action and ultimately saved the NEVADA over $50K in frozen food stores and prevented a potential delay in underway time due to sustainment requirements. Due to his attentive watchstanding and immediate action, the USS NEVADA Supply Department avoided a costly and highly visible incident.

Served as a member of Quality of Life onboard GROTON SUBASE. As Maintenance Supervisor, he managed over 70 work orders exceeding $20,000 on a quarterly basis. As Mess Deck Master at Arms, he collected more than $400 in credit card and cash sales daily while serving over 2,000 patrons daily.

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