Submarine Evals

Culinary Specialist CS/SS

Electronics Technician ET/SS

Electronics Technician, Navigation (ETV)

Fire Control Technician FT/SS

Logistics Specialist LS/SS

Missile Technician MT/SS

Machinists Mate MM/SS

Sonar Technician STS

Rate Unspecified:

- ACCOMPLISHED LEADER. His leadership allowed USS XXXXXXX to be successful while deployed in the most challenging shallow water, high contact density environment. During multiple Program Operations Periods, and Operational Readiness Evaluation, a Pre-Overseas Movement (POM) Workup, and a POM Certification, he was instrumental in planning and executing complex tactical training scenarios. His efforts directly contributed to USS XXXXXXX completing all necessary training to support a mission vital to national security despite heavy personnel rotation and maintenance requirements.

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