Electronics Technician Submarine ET/SS

-Outstanding Technician. As the Antenna Deck Leading Petty Officer of the Mast and Antenna Shop (67H), he efficiently supervised the repair of 23 High Data Rate (HDR) Masts, 28 OE-538 Multifunction Antennas, six Radio Direction Finder (BRD-7) Antennas, and five Electrical Hull Fitting (EHF) enabling two classes of submarines to maintain their underway schedules.
- Gifted Leader. As Mast and Antenna Repair Shop LPO, he led 11 Sailors and 29 civilian personnel through 19 submarine repair availabilities involving over 177 maintenance actions and over 10,000 man-hours.
-Quality Mentor. Petty Officer Kiser mentored and trained nine Submarine School students while temporarily assigned to NSSF as part of the NSSF/Subschool Student to the fleet program.

-Versatile. As the Department Training and Qualifications Petty Officer, his sound administrative skills were key to meeting and maintaining the exceptionally high standards noted during a SUBLANT training evaluation. He dedicated over 300 hours meticulously and completely updating the department's training binders ensuring administrative instructor readiness. His attention to detail facilitated our performance as instructors, giving us ample time and notification to handle discrepancies.

As Work Package Control Team Leader, Trident Refit Facility, he managed 13 Sailors over 14 arduous refit periods for 5 Submarines. He led the flawless processing and control of more than 4,000 Work Authorization Forms, facilitating 60,000 hours of maintenance across 31 shops. His experience and technical expertise reduced the number of processing delays by 10%.
-Vigilant. As Weapons Repair Duty Officer, he played a key role in coordinating and tracking the work of 14 Electronic Shops as the Weapon Officer's Direct Represenative for Evening and Swing Shift as well as assuring the security of mutiple Conventional Weapons facilities. -Team Player. As a member of Auxiliary Security Force, he logged more than 1,000 hours as Patrol Coxswain, 200 hours as Entry Contol Point, and 100 hours as Chief of the Guard, completing 23 security misions to safeguard against threats to national assets.

As Commander Task Force 69 leading petty officer, she demonstrated exceptional leadership by developing and implementing 2 command instructions which clarified procedures and increased readiness by 50%.
Her mentorship of junior personnel led to a 150% increase in Dept qualifications and 100% delivery of time-critical messages for submarines in the EUCOM/AFRICOM AORs.

As Communications Division LCPO, he successfully led WYOMING through four strategic deterrent patrols including two with the newly installed Common Submarine Radio Room. As the Command Top Secret Controls Officer and Electronic Key Management System manager, he ensured that all classified information was continuously safeguarded and maintained the highest security possible, assisting the integrity of national security.

Onboard the WYOMING, he demonstrated superior understanding of submarine tactics and employment and directly contributed to WYOMING's success during missions vital to the Global War on Terror and CSG exercises. He excelled in his role as Division Leading Petty Officer and ensured his division was trained and fully ready for a demanding underway period. He effectively managed complex repairs to the EHF, VLF, UHF, HF, AND SHF communication equipment ensuring all mission critical communication were 100% available.

While on deployment critical to the defense of the United States and her Allies, ET3 Taylor spent countless hours repairing one of two HPAC units. His efforts rescued the mission because without both units operating, the unit would have been forced to come off of station.

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