Electronics Technician, Submarine, Navigation (ETV)

FEARLESS COMPETENCY. Took over role as Navigation Division Leading Petty Officer. Identified problems and repaird ship control system. Supported the fastest IMU change-out in EDSRA history.
TRAINING LEADER. Directly contributed to the training and development of juniors and seniors, leaving a lasting effect on the Navigation division onboard the USS Michigan. As Piloting bearing recorder, his knowledge and contribution to the piloting team resulted in the safe navigation and transit from Hawaii to Bremerton Naval shipyard for the first time in 3 years.
MULTI-SKILLED. As both Navigation Division's Workcenter Supervisor and RPPO, he was instrumental in the accomplishment of 1,100 successful maintenance actions, ensuring Command mission readiness for all navigation and interior communication equipment, greatly aiding Michigan's ability to stay on mission and prepare for future deployments.

RELIABLE LEADERSHIP. As Navigation Division's GO-TO sailor for all maintenance issues, Petty Officer Neusbaum was responsible for over 500 hours of both preventative and corrective maintenance enabling USS Michigan to complete her mission and progress through a major ships availability.
PRODUCTIVE MENTOR. He trained junior personnel on divisional fundamentals and promoted learning in on-the-job scenarios. He trained 5 Nav ETs in maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, keeping today's submarine force 100% combat ready.

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