Logistics Specialist Submarine LS/SS

-Leadership. His tireless efforts during the International Submarine Rescue Exercise, Bold Monarch, led to the unprecedented success of U.S. Rescue Forces while deployed to Cartagena, Spain. Before the world theater and over 20 participating nations, the unit accomplished 10 PRM rescue sorties on four foreign submarines, including the first-ever mate with a Russian submarine, and transferred 121 simulated rescued submariners with over 40 hours of in-water operations.
-Teamwork. During a 36-hour MASSIVEX, over 60 personnel were rescued within the first 24 hours of the evolution. He assisted in the planning and loading of over 20,000 pounds of equipment for international shipment and inventoried and loaded five pallets of stores.

LTJG XXXXXXX served as the Supply Department Head providing the USS NORFOLK with superb logistical and financial support including one arduous CENTCOM deployment, three Operational Reactor Safeguards Examinations, two Tactical Readiness Evaluations, one Supply Management Inspection, and one Board of Inspection and Survey. He demonstrated operational tactics in an exemplary and highly professional manner earning him the honor of NORFOLK’S best Contact Coordinator. Throughout his distinguished 30 month tour, he met all challenges head on always maintaining the highest standards and integrity.

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