Machinists Mate Submarine MM/SS

As Squadron Torpedoman, he upheld and maintained the highest operational standards and facilitated the successful deployment of seven fast attack submarines and the commisioning of two Virginia Class submarines. His dedication coupled with his unparalleled knowledge in the areas of Force Protection, Weight Test, and Weapons Handling is evidenced by the significant improvement in Tactical Readiness Evaluations on the waterfront since his arrival.

Served as Tagout Team Sail Coordinator for Code 246 at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Coordinated over 1100 Sail Safety Jobs and Work Authorization Forms and ensured every job was properly isolated and every sail was safe. Contributed to the completion of 200 Submarine's availabilities.

Coordinated and tracked over 300 jobs during 4 availabilities on 4 different submarines ensuring every job was properly isolated and safe. Facilitated an unprecedented 100% operational readiness status for each submarine.

As night shift supervisor, he surpassed all expectations and operated in the role of a Leading Chief Petty Officer flawlessly. His impeccable leadership skills, technical ability, and superb work ethic is directly responsible for the accomplishment of over 30 submarine availabilities and the oversight of over 35,000 man-hours.

As the Emergent Repair Facilities Manager he oversaw a budget of over 15 million dollars in IMA Submarine Support Facilties, keeping all equipment in top working order and ensuring the timely execution of 7 homeported unit CMAVs.

Developed and tested the new freeze sealing method for maintenance of tended units in Kings Bay, thus reducing the manning requirements by 1 member per shift, and reducing the setup time for freeze sealing evolutions by 10 hours, allowing for short notice work that would not otherwise be possible. This new method provides greater flexibility for the limited manning in Kings Bay and supports an increased work load demanded by an aging fleet.

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