Surface Engineering Evals

Damage Controlman (DC)

Electrician's Mate (EM)

Engineman (EN)

Gas Turbine System Technician-Electric (GSE)

Gas Turbine System Technician-Mechanical (GSM)

Hull Technician (HT)

Interior Communications Electrician (IC)

Machinist's Mate (MM)

Machinery Repairman (MR)

Rating Unspecified Eval Inputs:

Production Resources Officer at Norfolk Naval Shipyard from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. Master Chief XXXXXXXX consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. Demonstrating outstanding management skills, he provided phenomenal leadership during historic peak workloads accomplishing in excess of $1,000,000,000 in ship maintenance and modernization while supervising the planning and development of the Shipyard's multi-year Capability Plan. Leading by example, he oversaw the Apprenticeship Program which provided Norfolk Naval Shipyard with 144 Journeyman-Level Mechanics in 2013 and currently has over 300 apprentices enrolled developing the Norfolk Naval Shipyard leaders of tomorrow. His skillful coordination with CNIC and budget management resulted in critical improvements to the Shipyard's facilities, including emergent dry dock and caisson repairs that required significant program management to prevent CNO availability schedule impact. In addition, he was able to obtain $10,000,000 in special funding for Pier construction projects which expanded local repair capabilities exponentially.

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