Fire Controlman (FC) Evals

FCA2 PHAM is an industrious and confident Second Class Petty Officer! His superb administrative skill, knowledge, and leadership set him apart from his peers!

-TECHNICAL LEADER. Adept and engaged; A proven SPY-1D SME he leads six Sailor's in managing the NAVY'S most complex RADAR system. He led in correction of 15 CASREPs to the SPY radar, arrays, transmitters, signal processor group, and auxiliary group during COMPTUEX, and COLE'S C5F BMD deployment.
-FOCUSED MANAGER. His oversight of CF01 workcenter resulted in the successful completion of over 2200 PMS checks. His direct involvement in the procurement of over $400,000 in repair parts maintained full system readiness with zero discrepancies.
-TRUSTED MENTOR. Petty Officer Pham's personal approach and contagious drive led to three advancements, four ESWS qualifications, five CSOSS area supervisors, three Radar System Controllers, three CSOOW's, one CSC, and two Tactical Action Officers.

***Petty Officer Pham is an exceptional leader with tremendous technical expertise and a motivating personality. He has my highest possible recommendation for selection to First Class Petty Officer.*** Promote now!


-COMPETENT TECHNICIAN. FCA2 Steele is an essential member of the CF01 workcenter. He accomplished a combined 148 hours of troubleshooting and repair to the SPY Radar system correcting 12 system level faults and 4 CASREPs. He completed 430 hours of preventative maintenance and alignments ensuring the SPY Radar system remained in ENHANCED status! His troubleshooting efforts during Formidable Shield 2019 earned him a Navy Achievement Medal and led to ROOSEVELT achieving SPY Honor Roll three times consecutively!
-WELL ROUNDED. During ROOSEVELT's RED NITRUM events he operated the SPY Radar System in high stress, high jamming enviroments. His dedication to mission during Group Sail and the arduous 9A1 CMAV proved essential to meeting the strictest of time constraints! He even dedicated 28 hours to the PCMS team ensuring reduced radar cross sections across the ship.
-DILIGENT SAILOR. As CF division Damage Control Petty Officer, he successfully completed 823 hours of preventative and corrective maintenance while supporting ER09. As ACFL he assisted in 288 PFAs and led 33 FEP sessions ultimately resulting in ROOSEVELT achieving a 98% pass rate for the 2019 PRT season!

***Petty Officer Steele is a proven performer who produces quality work and approaches each task with an open mind. He has my recommendation for promotion to Petty Officer First Class.***

Filling the role of a PO1 as CSMMA, she devoted 64 hours coordinating maintenance across 6 divisions to include de-conflicting with other vessels in the SAG while underway resulting in the completion of over 1,856 maintenance checks. She catalogued and controlled 245 pieces of media across 10 safes and carefully handled secret media for 2 baseline installs ensuring full procedural compliance. She implemented 16 CSOSS FBRs and ACNs to achieve better accuracy and applicability of the CSOSS program. She tracked 25 TSOs across 2 departments to maintain the highest standards of operations. She drafted 12 coordinated emissions requests to support 4 divisionsa maintenance, trouble shooting and testing.

DEDICATED TEAMWORK: While TAD to S-5, FCSN effortlessly integrated herself into the FSA team, assisting in serving more than 80 meals during the 2022 work-up cycle to improve the health, wellness and readiness of the command. Seaman ___ willingly accepts added responsibilities and has established a positive rapport with all levels of the chain of command, setting the example for all Junior Sailors.

(E-3 MP)

HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL: Seaman __ completed more than 75 man hours of preventive maintenance in her workcenter, improving the overall readiness of over 30 pieces of equipment for the ACDS peripheral system onboard. FCSN assisted C5I and Supply departments in more than 100 man hours of preservation work, ensuring the readiness and longevity of USS __.

(E-3 MP)

VERSATILE AND EXPERIENCED: After successfully completing a 9-month Individual Augmentee deployment to the USAFCENT Combined Air & Space Operatons Center Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Petty Officer Shuster quickly reintegrated to become a vital asset and leader for Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC). Leading 26 sailors in Code 950G, her technical expertise and coordination ensured the refurbishment of more than 60 weapon systems, including 3 crucial 25MM gun removals onboard the USS Rentz and USS Russell.
COMMUNITY PILLAR: She became a member of SWRMC's Voluntary Protection Program, impressing upon sailors the importance of safety awareness. As SWRMC's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response lead Victim Advocate, she dedicated herself to educating personnel on available resources and the importance of bystander intervention.

TECHNICAL EXPERT. As the Lead CIWS Tech, led XXXXXXX's CIWS team in identifying and correcting 15 major system faults, maximizing the performance of both mounts. CSF3's efforts led directly to the destruction of 2 TDU's, 3 Vindicator drones, and 4 HSMST's, passing CSSQT with flying colors and proving that XXXXXXX's combat systems are deployment-ready.

Dedicated Team Trainer. My go-to trainer for all things CSTT. He trained and qualified 16 CSC, CSOOW, Area Supervisors RSC, and MSS watchstanders during 47 tactical and technical scenarios. Additionally as ATTT, he qualified 12 OODs, 23 POOWs, and 32 sentries.

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. As Ship's Self Defense System (SSDS) in-service engineering agent, Naval Surface Warfare Center, he supported a variety of combat system evolutions, providing support for five iterations of deploying group system integration testing, three combat system qualification team trials, three INSURV inspections, software and hardware installations, troubleshooting, and procedural development.
TECHNICAL MENTOR. He provided distance support trouble calls for three ships seeking immediate assistance while underway, ensuring 100% mission readiness for more than 40 Naval Warfare ships. He also trained over 120 ship's personnel across six ship platforms and four different SSDS variations in the maintenance and operation of the Ships Self Defense System.

As Leading Petty Officer for Surface Warfare Mission Package, FC1 Salinas led and supervised 23 staff members in and out of his division in their Instructor Evaluator, Course Supervisor, and MTS Qualification Certifications, increasing instructor readiness throughout the command. As an Instructor, he delivered 1,200 hours of high quality MK50 Gun Weapon System (GWS) instruction to 58 LCS Sailors during 20 Capstone and four Crew Certification courses with ZERO academic attrition, directly contributing to Fleet wide combat readiness. FC1 is an ACFL for the command and has led and aided in 6 Command PFA cycles and 10 mock PFAs for 138 Sailors within FASW and LTF commands.

FC2 is a dependable and highly skilled professional. He is a team player who willingly accepts added responsibilities and has established a positive rapport with all levels of the chain of command, setting the example for all junior sailors.

- DEDICATED MENTOR. As a complete subject matter expert for TTWCS, he is sought out for his technical and institutional knowledge. Provided 30 hours of ESWS training to 16 sailors on STW. 80 hours of training to 33 sailors in various topics such as WCS, EM, MM, GCCS-M, and TTWCS familiarization. He is the go-to Sailor for the command on all things Strike Warfare!

While preparing for Combat Systems Command/Control Communications and Computer Assessment (C5RA), Petty Officer Kline's enthusiasm and willingness to learn led to the correction of 33 discrepancies on the Mk 31 Mod 3 Rolling Airframe Missile System. Petty Officer Kline's dedication of 100 man hours led to the successful completion of inspections by In Service Engineering Agent (ISEA).


Developed CF03 Work Center during PCU William P. Lawrence (DDG 110) construction phase.

Only Second Class Petty Officer on board USS GARY to take the responsibility of taking over watch bill coordinator, a position normally held by a First Class Petty Officer.

Petty Officer Sims displayed exceptional skill and resourcefulness in designing and installing a pre-deployment tactical craft command post and provided the technical guidance to outfit and maintain ten tactical craft with secure and non-secure communications.

Key member of PCU William P. Lawrence (DDG 110), participating in the development of the CF03 work center, and contributing countless hours to the successful validation of CSOS and ESOMS in addition to training two FCS/400hz technicians.

Integrates the talent and expertise that span multiple training team and warfare areas. She dedicated over 100 hours to training 6 reporting junior officers for Combat Systems and Combat Information Center watch stations.

-TECHNICAL EXPERT: Contributed over 100 hours troubleshooting and correcting a MK92 FCS casualty and restoring 100% operational readiness in support of USS GARY's final ULTRA-C evaluation.

His efforts directly contributing to the departmentís outstanding 95% FEP score enabling MSRON nineís forward deployment to Kuwait. Petty Officer Sims demonstrated exceptional leadership and superb attention to detail in the supervision and training of over 100 Navy and Coast Guard sailors in the operation of mission-critical communications equipment.

Demonstrated expert technical proficiency during sea trials, CIC team trainer, combat systems alignment verification, combat systems collimation, and att counterpart training.

CF03 workcenter supervisor. Contributed to over 50 successful 76MM PAC fires during the course of a Southern Pacific deployment and two Western Pacific deployments. FC2 Miller led his division through INSURV and three training cycles as both an operator and a vital training team member.

-IMPECABLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Guided 4 work centers through a rigorous training cycle including 3M certification; remarkable organizational ability was the force behind and responsible for CF division work centers receiving scores of 98% and 94%.

Served as operations repair parts petty officer while deployed to Djibouti, Africa. His knowledge and skills were in demand as he completed more than 70 field repairs of tactical craft radios, restoring communications vital to dozens of anti-terrorism force protection missions.

Petty officer Sim's familiarity with all aspects of tactical communications was evident during over 40 hours of instruction to 50 unit members.

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