Surface Operations Eval Examples

Boatswain's Mate (BM)

Electronics Technician (ET)

Fire Controlman (FC)

Gunners Mate (GM)

Mineman (MN)

Operations Specialist (OS)

QuarterMaster (QM)

SONAR Technician (STG)


Contributions without rating specified will be listed below:

Petty Officer Crews assisted in the overhaul of four diesel generators on the USS ARLINGTON (LPD 24) totaling 246 maintenance man-hours. She also took part in four detachments overseas to Rota, Spain, which ensured the maintenance and upkeep of eight sliding pad-eyes, 8 RHIBS, and one condenser, and enhanced operational readiness.

DEDICATED TEACHER: As Departmental Training Petty Officer, Petty Officer Hogans meticulously provided in-rate training for twenty three junior sailors in a multitude of watch stations, including Surface Detection Tracker, Navigation Plotter, Identification Operator and Tactical Information Coordinator, while effectively tracking 100% progress and completion directly contributing to Arlington's combat readiness.

He organized and led multiple oily waste operations transferring over 40,000 gallons of oily waste without a single mishap. Petty Officer is responsible for Transferring over 50,000 gallons of JP-5 safely during flight operations without any flaws. Qualified 2 Sailors Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, 3 Sailors to Engineering plant technician, 3 Sailors to Inport equipment monitor.

Petty Officer Sailor possesses an enthusiastic attitude and the desire to achieve success in everything he does. He's an intelligent, unique leader constantly taking on new challenges while transferring goals and objectives into workable plans.
- TEAM LEADER. My best CIC Watch Supervisor! He has led CAPE Combat Team through over 425 hrs. of intense readiness training, laying the foundation for maritime protection and homeland defense in support of the 2010 Winter Olympics and ALSG 2010 Western Pacific Deployment to 5th Fleet ISO Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation New Dawn (OND).
- DEDICATED WORKER. Outstanding mentor and an extremely positive influence on the professional growth and development of younger sailors.
Petty Officer Sailor's performance, militarily and professionally, is nothing short of excellent. Displays keen interest in work. Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility. He has my recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer First Class!

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