Auxiliary Resale Outlet (ARO) Evals

- EXCEPTIONAL LEADER. Managed X Sailors in the successful execution of inventory, restocking, product inputs, and sales transactions in the ARO. Tracked and managed X transaction on Square Reader valued at $X and managed asset inventory valued at over $X. His leadership directly contributed to the donation of over $X towards the MWR fund.

- DETAIL ORIENTED. Led X Sailors in the operation of the Auxiliary Resale Outlet, managing a budget of $X and over X SKUs of daily inventory. His tireless efforts led to zero lost inventory and an increased profit margin, allowing a $X contribution to MWR fund, which increased squadron morale.

- DECKPLATE LEADERSHIP. Managed 35 Sailors in the safe restocking, inventory management, and sales transactions of the VRC-40 Auxiliary Resale Outlet (ARO). Trained and qualified 30 Sailors as ARO clerks, shift supervisors, and purchasing agents, leading to over $346,000 in FY-XX revenue, a nearly 11% year-over-year increase. Efforts enabled the ARO to boost morale by donating $45,000 to the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Committee in support of the command picnic and holiday party.

- OUTSTANDING LEADER. Led 40 Sailors in the operation of the Auxiliary Resale Outlet, managing a budget of $15,000 and an inventory exceeding 2,000 items on a daily basis. His management led to an average monthly net sales of $18,000 leading to a 101 percent increase from previous years which led to the total of over $70,000 in MWR donations increasing morale throughout the flight line. Additionally, leading a continuously rotating pool of over 47 Sailors from various ratings across the aviation and surface communities, returning 6 Sailors fit for full duty status and transitioning 7 Sailor to Reserve and civilian status.

- DECKPLATE LEADER. Flawlessly managed 31 Sailors in the successful execution of restocking, product inputs, and sale transactions in the VRC-40 Auxiliary Resale Outlet. Trained and qualified 25 Sailors as ARO clerks, shift supervisors, and purchasing agents. His efforts enabled the ARO to boost morale and donate $60,000 to VRC-40's Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

- IMPECCABLE FINANCIAL MANAGER. Managed a budget of $190K in sales and implemented smooth transition of financial record keeping. Managing multiple vendors, he purchased a monthly average of $10K worth of consumables from local wholesale distributers to ensure the Auxiliary Retail Outlet was fully stocked. His financial abilities created an average of $23K in monthly revenue.

-DYNAMIC LEADER. As Auxiliary Retail Outlet day shift supervisor she led six Sailors in the daily operations by managing a $5,654 budget and 412 item inventory. Her dedication lead to raising over $60,000 for the command holiday events.

-METICULOUS MANAGER. She flawlessly organized the frequent changing schedule of two limited duty Sailors and four pregnant Sailors. Managed day shift purchase history and 104 end of shift sales which resulted with no inaccuracies within the division.

-OUTSTANDING TRAINER. Meticulously provided training for seven new Sailors on ordering, receiving and stocking while maintaining 100 percent inventory accuracy over all assets maintained.

-MISSION-DRIVEN LEADER. Led six Sailors in the completion of 34 supply orders and 27 inventories leading to 100% accountability of over $1.3M individual product items. Her leadership directly impacted the continuous operation of HM-12 s Auxiliary Retail Outlet (ARO) supporting a squadron of 410 personnel.

-DILIGENT INSTRUCTOR. Petty Officer xxxx's expertise and active engagement in the facilitation of training for his team of 6 Sailors has increased ARO readiness by 40%. His commitment to excellence has made him a vital and resourceful professional that junior Sailors and peers can look to for guidance.

- SENSATIONAL MANAGER. Flawlessly led 28 Sailors in the operation of the Auxiliary Resale Outlet, managing a budget of $25,000 and an inventory of over 600 items on a day-to-day basis. His tireless efforts led to over 10,700 sales totaling over $38,000 in net profit.

Researched, obtained, configured and implemented Square reader for the ARO allowing the ARO to take debit cards for the first time ever.

Masterfully led 32 Sailors in the 24 hour operation of the Auxiliary Resale Outlet by managing a $XX,XXX budget and over XXX item inventory. Restructured the division and financial accounting process while revamping the venerable inventory process resulting in profits in excess of $XXX,XXX and Morale, Welfare and Recreation donations totaling more than $XX,XXX. Her active communication is impeccable!

As 16A/B and ARO LPO, he directed 33 Sailors during detachment on and off-loads ensuring all cargo was equipped for operations aboard the USS OAK HILL and USS PONCE. His performance as the IMRL manager was key to the transport of $1.5 million of assets abroad. As the ARO LPO, he led 15 Sailors earning more than $29,500 annually funding MWR events. His diligent efforts contributed to squadron morale and mission accomplishment.

ARO LCPO. Produced four advancements in rates, four EAWS requalifications, and two EAWS qualifications. Managed 30 Sailors in daily operations in ARO, grossing over $120K in revenue.

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