COMSEC Clerk Evals

- TECHNICAL EXPERT. As KMI Manager, constructed the Key Management Infrastructure from the ground up. Implemented program procedures to track 72 lines items of COMSEC material for a 100% pass rate during CO quarterly spot checks resulted in 100% accountability for the semi-annual inventory report to the Central Office Of Record.

As Assistant COMSEC Responsible Officer (ACRO) supporting over 100 US, NATO, and Coalition units in an ever expanding multi-national network, he forecasted and obtained required COMSEC in a timely manner. Accurate records of units' level of access and meticulous attention to detail resulted in zero security incidents or compromises.

Led N3 Department in the daily operations of COMSEC accounting, keying material, and equipment. Provided disposition and replacement directives for over 100,000 CCI devices valued at over $100M. Delivered over 1,500 statuses of Communications Security material reports and processed over 2000 account transactions, clearing more than 300 database errors. Generated over 100 messages which led to the reconciliation of more than 400 Department of the Navy Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) accounts.

Served as COMSEC Custodian for Defense Intelligence Agency Detachment, US Central Command. Managed the NSA-mandated software upgrade of all model KG-175A network encryption devices. His technical and managerial skills were critical to increasing network capabilities across seven regional operational areas.

As NIOC Norfolk EKMS manager, tracked and inventoried 130 items of COMSEC gear making sure all policies and procedures were implemented properly with zero security incidents.

Led a tri-service team of 13 enlisted Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen in the reconciliation of 478 Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)/Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) accounts, clearing more than 30,000 discrepancies. Under his leadership, the COR consistently maintained a 90% completion rate for all reconciliations with zero delinquencies.

As Philippine Sea's Comsec Account Manager, IT1 Aceves led four Local Elements and surpassed expectations for the results of the CMS COR Audit Inspection, earning the highest grade in the Mayport basin.

Displayed outstanding leadership, management, and technical expertise that enabled NCMS to provide superior COMSEC support for 740 world-wide units consisting of the Department of the Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, and Military Sealift Command.

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