Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)

- RECOGNIZED EXPERT. As KMI Alternate, was responsible for the inventory and disposition of 117 pieces of cryptographic equipment with 100% accountability as well as the oversight of software upgrades to 27 JWICS TACLANES to improve network infrastructure and security. Dedicated 60 man-hours to providing monthly KMI training qualifying 6 Sailors on their Local Element (User) qualifications.

Trained 28 officer and enlisted Sailors in the use, handling, and storage of 149 Communication Security (COMSEC) items and destruction of 2,581 keys qualifying 17 COMSEC users and three communications officers receiving ZERO Practices Dangerous to Security or COMSEC Incidents through 13 inspections.

As EKMS Manager, planned and carried out the monumental task of disposing of and destroying over 10,000 Classified Cryptographic Items to support the inactivation of ABRAHAM LINCOLN's EKMS account in preparation for Nuclear Refueling/Complex Overhaul (RCOH).

Coxswain U/I and EKMS Local Element custodian for Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron Eight, Newport, RI. His exceptional dedication and initiative were instrumental in MSRON 8 receiving a passing score for ULTRA. Working tirelessly and long hours, he maintained 9 secure radio systems for 5 patrol boats. He completed required PMS checks, loaded COMSEC keys daily, repaired VHF antennas, and reprogrammed radios on boats due to equipment malfunctions. His oversight was essential to meeting mission comm requirements.

Petty Officer Tesco achieved full accreditation while serving as HSC-25 EKMS Manager. As EKMS Manager, he led ETD through 9 inspections, 2 Command Program inspections, while simultaneously accounting for 23 users and 780 days of element operations with zero discrepancies over 3 years.

While serving as Camp Simba Forward Operating Location, Operations Department NCOIC, Petty Officer Sykes took charge and oversaw the deconstruction of all 2,500 communications and networking assets, valued at over $1 million, with 100% accountability. Petty Officer Sykes trained junior personnel with steadfast attention to detail regarding communication security and EKMS practices resulting in no incidents or practices dangerous to communications security.

As the Primary EKMS Manager, she coordinated and conducted 36 cryptographic keying material transactions with NAVCOMTELSTA San Diego EKMS Vault and maintained 100% accountability. She completed 17 EKMS inventories and five Commanding Officer's EKMS Spot Checks with zero discrepancies. She oversaw the keying material transition from 28 obsolete legacy electronic keys to modern electronic firefly keys. Petty officer Varney also provided over 100 hours of EKMS training to 30 Sailors on Practice Dangerous to Security (PDS), COMSEC Incidents, Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Simple Key Loader (SKL) Operations, and other topics vital to day to day operations.

As EKMS Local Manager, he maintained 100% positive control of 66 cryptographic equipment items and supporting documentation for 4 tenant commands. He also established and maintained over 100 user accounts for Port Operations personnel. He successfully operated 24 TACLANEs and trained 10 personnel in the upgrading and loading process. He ensured all Commands are in compliance with all NSA EKMS related guidance and protocols.

As the Local Element for Local Network Service Center, he trained and qualified 7 personnel as EKMS users, maintained 131 pieces of cryptographic material, supported 33 Local Element training visits and spot checks, and assisted in packaging and shipping 357 SIPR hard drives to NSA.

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