Destructive Weather (DxWx) Plan

As Joint Medical Group (JMG) DXWX Coordinator, HM1 Owens is the subject matter expert on DXWX operations and established a working relationship with other directorates to better plan the effectiveness of DXWX planning. He demonstrated dedication and attention to detail in researching and meeting EAP requirements. He organized, ordered, inventoried, and managed all required supplies for 15 DXWX box sets, five Raven Bags, and four Emergency Response Team bags for JTF and NAVSTA personnel. HM2 Owens ensured all bunkers and shelters were stocked with necessary supplies in the event of an emergency. He meticulously maintained five Mass Casualty boxes containing medical equipment for JTF and NAVSTA personnel and detainees to ensure Command readiness during Hurricane season.

As Destructive Weather Coordinator, she conducted 15 undergound shelter inspections which ensured the continuous availability of 40 mission critical medical bags valued at $64,000 and guaranteed 100% readiness.

Coordinated with the Destructive Weather coordinator to ensure that 13 pelican cases, five Emergency Response Team bags and four Raven bags were supplied with the correct number of medications valued at $8.9K ensuring preparedness and sustained medical operations during and in the immediate aftermath of a destructive weather event.

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