Hurricane Eval Examples

Led in the preparation for 13 typhoons, ensured prompt response to 200 CMD emergency codes and provided support to 25 HELO Ops. Supervised and conducted 200 RAMs ensuring physical security of USNHO buildings.

Waterfront Restricted Area (WRA) Watch Commander, Marine Corps Security Force Battalion from 08 to 14 September 2017 during hurricane Irma. As WRA Watch Commander, he efficiently led and managed a weapons security force of 30 sailors during the execution of Waterfront Restricted Area security missions, preventing the destruction, damage, sabotage, or theft of strategic weapons during inclement weather.

CDR Davis, along with SOCSOUTH team members, responded to the hurricane IRMA Hurricane Assistance and Disaster Relief efforts in Marathon, Florida. He and his team conducted neighborhood reconnaissance and delivered more than 55 truck loads of living essentials to heavily impacted residents. In addition, his team cleared and removed trees and debris from roadways and properties, providing relief to dozens of homes and access points.

His extraordinary performance as Emergency Management assistant during hurricanes Matthew and Irma directly contributed to the safe evacuation and return of 460 staff members and their families, as well as the rapid restoration of services following the storms. Furthermore, his planning and execution of the clinic's Emergency Action Plan mitigated structural damages and saved the Navy's valuable resources.

Prior to the Hurricane, he ensured the Armory and RFI weapons were stowed and secure and ensured required protocols to transfer weapons and ammunition for Security EOC Personnel were in place, ensuring security at the EOC, and allowing Security Forces to secure the base after the Hurricane without incident.

During the Hurricane Michael evacuation he conducted daily musters of all 13 security department military evacuees and their families, ensuring 100% accountability while the Chain of Command's communications at the EOC was offline, and ensured service members and their family's needs were addressed, and assisted in connecting EFAC in Pensacola with displaced Service members and their families, and the Command Ombudsman.

Led 9 Sailors in preparations for hurricane Florence and ensured 20 window shutters operated properly and over 450 sandbags were strategically placed throughout the facility.

Petty Officer xxxxx was instrumental in the successful coordination and distribution of over 20,000 bottles of water and 40,000 bags of ice to over 19,000 Military members, families, and DoD Contractors after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Isaac.

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