Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) Evals

As the SMDR while deployed with Special Operations Task Force East Africa, advised the Ground Force Commander (GFC) on force health protection measures and supervised two SEAL medics, two Pararescue men and one Army Civil Affairs medic in providing medical care to the 50 joint special operations personnel deployed to an austere outstation. In response to the pandemic, coordinated with the GFC, Logistics, and Engineering department to establish camp SOPs that were successful in mitigating the transmission of COVID-19. Collaborated with the an Army Civil Affairs unit to lead the delivery of didactic and hands-on medical training to 20 host nation physicians and nurses, improving their capabilities and strengthening partnerships.

While serving as Independent Duty Corpsman, 2d Law Enforcment Battalion, Chief Honnifer provided rapid expert evaluation and successfully treated a Marine with a medical emergency condition that is normally only treated by experienced medical doctors.

Served as an Independent Duty Corpsman in support of Balikatan 2014, supporting over 1,500 US forces and Armed Forces of the Philippines. Conducted countless hours of sickcall and preventive medicine and treated more than 25 non battle injuries in less than 30 days. Trained more than 30 Armed Forces of the Philippines on First Aid and TCCC resulting in improved combat lifesaving and combat medical care.

As Independent Duty Corpsman, she administered medical care to over 1,400 personnel spanning 11 combatant units while simultaneously training 13 Corpsman and 2 Officers in daily operations. Her efforts led to NSWG-2 tenant commands achieving a 95 percent Fleet medical readiness rating.

Coordinated an intensive bilateral training program for Philippine Marine, Army, and Air Force, bolstering Joint operations and standardizing medical protocol. Standardized training for hospital rotation and provided over 2000 hours of training in real world scenarios.

HM1 Johnson served as Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman (SOIDC) for Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) 8212. Deployed to Fire Base Thomas, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shindand, Herat Province, Afghanistan to train, advise, and conduct combat operations with the Afghan National Army's 4th Special Operations Kandak (SOK) in Herat, Farah, and Helmand provinces. A senior team member, HM1 Johnson mentored fifty Afghan National Army Special Forces (ANASF) soldiers, twenty 4th SOK medics, and served as liaison to FOB Shindand's Role II Hospital in addition to his primary duties as health care provider to members of MSOT 8212.

In concert with the physicians of FOB Shindand's Forward Surgical Team (FST), HM1 Johnson identified the 60 minute MEDEVAC ring around FOB Shindand as a mission-limiting factor and developed experimental Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) to place a surgeon and an anesthesia provider on a MEDEVAC platform in order to expand the 60 minute ring.

Petty Officer Johnson treated 24 trauma patients including five casualties with GSWs, four victims of IED blasts, three RPG injuries, two motor vehicle accident patients, and one patient with severe burns. Also treated or supervised the treatment of 25 military personnel, civilian contractors, and local nationals for a variety of ailments ranging from rashes to kidney stones.

Patient Encounters in Garrison - 3,000+

Camp Leatherneck Combined Aid Station (CAS) - over 300 pts

Instrumental in the clinic's successful operation and mission accomplishment.

Scheduled and planned Sick Call Screeners certification for over 240 junior HMs.

Oversaw the treatment of over 3000 Marines, Sailors, and Army personnel, and the administration of over 8,000 immunizations, numerous minor procedures, and the completion of PHA/PDHA/PDHRA.

Organized the pre- and post health deployment screening including radiation threat briefings for 150 members participating in Operation Tomodachi. Coordinated with the Air Force to bring radiation scanners to Camp Kinser ensuring proper patient follow up.

Instituted process improvements which improved patient care, patient safety, and clinic processes. Led the clinic through Joint Commission and Commanding General inspections which resulted in "mission capable" findings.

Developed a Kinser Provider Guide to standardize care and developed SOPs to memorialize clinic policies and procedures.

Helped transition the clinic to a Marine Centered Medical Home to improve patient care continuity and ensure quality of care.

Coordinated monthly IDC Watchbill and daily clinic provider schedule, optimizing the utilization of 5 MOs, 1 PA, and 11 IDCs to ensure full time patient access to care.


Cambodia Interoperability Program. 3d MedBN. Led 70 multinational service members, conducted 3 site surveys and planned standup for two MEDCAP/DENCAP for over 2000 local Cambodians. Assisted with Medical and Dental procedures, dispensed over 3000 eyeglasses, maintained over $30,000 pharmaceuticals, distributed over 500 pounds of clothes and toys to local children.

Korean Incremental Training Program. Pohang, South Korea and Camp Mujuk. Interoperability training with 100 ROK Marines. As IDC, provided patient care to over 200 Marines and Sailors. Participated in training and provided medical coverage at four heavy artillery ranges.

Oki Panda. Planned, coordinated, conducted TCCC/CLS/BLS/Sickcall Screeners Course training for 20 HMs and 250 CLS certifications. Completed tables 1&2 for the M4.

Mojave Viper. Provided Medical Care for 245 Marines and Sailors. Certified over 150 Pre-DHAs. Coordinated and arranged Command-wide ANAM screening. Coordinated and conducted a Smallpox Shot-Ex associated with a medical research project for 100 Marines and Sailors.

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