ISSO Evals

-EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP. Trained 141 Sailors as the Information Systems Security Officer, ensuring the highest level of Cyber Security standards were upheld. Supervised the implementation of 15 new NIPR network ports and two scheduled Layer One network upgrades which resulted in zero cyber security violations.

As the ISSO for LNSC, he took on took on the responsibilities of a GS-11, spearheading the ATOs for ONE-NET, managing and completing 31 CAT II and 26 CAT III Findings for the RBC ATOs, leading to near-completion. Accomplishing 195 rRFCs to enable ONE-NET Customers to continue operating seamlessly and completing 37 Incident Response tickets to promote safety across the navy networks. As CE99 WCS, completed 2 Force revisions at 100% accuracy and ensured Calibration was maintained at 100%, and implementing the NMT Time standard into the METCAL system to ensure calibration availability. Assuming the Local Element at LNSC, ensured monthly crypto load occured, annual Firefly load for the 12 Taclanes occured, and coordinating 3 TACLANE repairs across two sites.
As POA VP, he organized and coordinated two Region-Wide Call of duty Tournaments to promote morale. Took on the role of Command CPR Instructor to train and certify 12 personnel.

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