Significant Problems Closings

AD2 Rob consistently shows lack of motivation daily when he refuses to throw the weights up, or do his pushups for the day, resulting in a lack of muscle growth and an overall 25% reduction in work center readiness. Do not recommend for retention.

Petty Officer X has lived up to the name of Petty Officer, but mostly the Petty part. Continues to show lack of motivation. Recommend to not continue service within any branch of military, not exclusive to US Military.

FC3 obviously struggles with the military almost as much as it struggles with him. After 12 writeups, 1 DRB, XOI and Captains mast, he is still dense enough to smoke marijuana, confess, and act surprised when he is restricted. Recommendation for retention will not be found, as it is as missing as his military bearing.

_______ is an intelligent and hardworking Sailor who only needs to improve his PRT performance.

Continuous decline in performance. Lacks moral character, professionalism and competence. Not recommended for retention or promotion.

Petty Officer Lee abuses the Sick Call system and causes extra work for his peers with his numerous absences. Due to his lack of initiative and nonconformance, he is not recommended for retention.

Seaman XXX has demonstrated a consistent lack of performance. Through renewed dedication, effective mentorship, and further counseling he could refocus his attention and progress within the command, the NCF, and the Navy. Not recommended for advancement.

Petty Officer X is talented and highly motivated sailor, who only needs to improve on his time management skills. SP only as a result of missing the 18 month deadline for ESWS qualification.

Petty Officer X is a hard charger with a wealth of FA-18C aircraft knowledge who has firmly established him/herself as an invaluable member of this command. SP only as a result of 3 PRT failures. He/She is equally as talented as those ranked higher.

Petty Officer X clearly does not live up to Navy Core Values. His poor judgment and lack of maturity prevented him from making any real progress towards growing as a Sailor. Very unproductive as a member of the U.S. Navy. Not recommended for further military service in the armed forces, regardless of branch.

YN3 is facing problems and obstacles he doesn't have the skills to navigate. Although I have not personally worked with him, I trust the opinion of my NCOs who unanimously agree he is not fit for service. Discharge at earliest opportunity.

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