Negative Navy Eval Statements

Unfortunately, everyone's performance isn't always exemplary. Sometimes we're forced to document substandard behavior. But how do you describe a general disinterest in qualifying for a person's duties or neglecting one's responsibilities? Maybe the examples below will help.


His attitude and work ethic are at odds with Navy Core Values. Responsible for the excessive amounts of reworking, for collateral duties that are easily completed if member took responsibility and dedicated minimal effort, creating a breakdown in teamwork. He fails to plan or prioritize to get jobs done in a timely manner, often preferring to occupy his time with frivolous adventures on his communication device.

Despite regular departmental training and multiple written counselings he has shown no inclination to improve his quality of work, resulting in lost productivity and decreased morale throughout the work center.

ET1 Sailor is a competent technician, who with continued focus on his professional and personal responsibilities has the ability to mature into a leader.

BLK 36: 1.0 for two consecutive PFA failures for CY 20XX/CY 20XX.

Not recommended for advancement or retention due to failure to maintain body composition standards.



It's unfortunate to submit a sub-standard performance report for someone who was an EP Sailor last reporting period and a rising star. During this reporting cycle, he has displayed little regard for Navy Core Values and proper Navy Reserve commitments. Despite repeated counselings and lack of attendance, this career nose dive was intentional.

Petty Officer XXX has maxed out both authorized absences allowable for the fiscal year and has numerous unauthorized absences.

Block 20: Non-participation in accordance with NAVADMIN 193/20.
AT: Waived due to Coronavirus mitigation measures, NAVADMIN 168/20.

Leadership unanimously agrees he is not fit for service, of any branch.
Immediate separation is recommended for this Sailor.

UNDERACHIEVER- Petty Officer XXX consistently under performs amongst his/her peers. His/Her lack of competence and drive make him/her an ideal candidate for separation.

- BLK 36. Consistently presented an unsatisfactory appearance and displayed poor hygiene habits that negatively affected the quality of life of squadron personnel during an extended COVID-19 deployment.

Special evaluation submitted due to 2nd body composition assessment failure within 3 year period.
Skilled and professional Sailor with unlimited growth potential. Though she did not meet the minimum fitness standard, she is making exceptional progress and will exceed standards for next cycle.

-UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. He is still severely lacking in his professional conduct and military bearing. He continues to refuse to enhance his performance to meet the expectations set by his upper chain of command.

- Sailor's ability as a machinist continues to improve every day, however he needs to improve his military bearing and professionalism as a Third Class Petty Officer.

He has a difficult time adhering to the policies that govern the USN and follows his own program making decisions to the detriment of good order and discipline on a daily basis resulting in time wasted, constantly chasing after him, and counseling him.

XXX does not perform at a level commensurate with his/her rank. With proper mentorship and guidance XXX will be able to reach the potential to support command objectives.

Purposeful Sailor and capable technician. Occasionally exhibits great promise and can reliably apply the knowledge required to accomplish tasks; supervision required.

...lacks attention to detail

...fails to communicate with peers

Needs to be reminded his actions affect the team as a whole.

...EVAL submitted for continuity purposes only...

YN2 John Doe has been verbally counseled on the performance of his duties. He has already been awarded DRB on 19 June 2012 and knows his responsibilities to Admin procedures. YN2 John Doe admits that he understands the Admin procedures with prioritizing work (miscellaneous correspondence, muster report, and POW are consistently late).

YN2 John Doe's disregard for procedure compromises the workcenter's integrity, produces excessive re-work and lost time looking for correspondence. He has let his personal problems affect his work ethics and responsibilities. He is not focused and is currently having difficulties managing his work load and keeping abreast of his responsibilities.

His disrespect toward joint-service members shows his inability to adapt to a diverse environment. Do not retain.

...typically exceptional work marred by inability to meet PFA standards.

...disappointing performance and lacks occupational field knowledge

Generally a good worker as long as the end outcome benefits his personal agenda. (Place name here)'s unwillingness to do his share of work, within the parameters set forth by his chain of command, has had a potentially detrimental effect on all of his subordinates. an asset to (Command Here) in qualifications only. He shows great motivation only when doing a task that sparks his personal interest.

XXXX has been given every tool for success, yet he blatantly discards them all. He possesses a self destructive demeanor that spreads like a cancer to newly assigned Sailors.

Displayed little regard for Navy core values and service with honor. Despite repeated counseling, unsatisfactory behavior created a distraction within the Division and interfered with good order and discipline.

Seaman Smith is encouraged to find an aspect of his job he can enjoy and take pride in before being recommended to the next rank.

...when reminded, can be a very motivated individual

...demonstrates a serious lack of integrity and poor judgement which highlights the reckless personal choices that he makes in his personal life a capable Yeoman but fails to use her abilities to the fullest

...cannot be relied upon to maintain production rate in the absence of supervision

...resists suggestions for improvement and actively works against the orders of his superiors

...cannot be trusted to oversee safe delivery of...must be supervised at all times

YN1 Smith is uncooperative with leadership and fails to understand the difference between "taking care of the troops" and following orders. His combative attitude is counter-productive and a liability to this Command.

...fails to use time wisely

...doesn't put forward the effort required to become proficient in her duties

...performance is erratic and undependable indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for learning

...lacks respect for chain of command and needs improvement in peer communications

...despite encouragement and efforts of peers, cannot qualify for duty and fails to make effort to improve

...was and is negligent in meeting his responsibilities causing numerous obstacles to mission accomplishment

...will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification

...not fit for this type of activity, exhibits a negative attitude and should be disqualified

...has the potential to be an excellent technician but is often careless with...

...cannot work with his peers and is counter-productive

...allows the pressures of family issues to affect her performance. Recommend release from duties and counseling until such time she can resume work without endangering others.

...and despite increasing assistance and training, he continues to have serious difficulty completing assigned tasks, recommend reclassification

...a remarkable lack of ability to execute his duties and depends on others for help...

...mediocre staff skills contributed to mediocre results during INSURV

...lacks experience and fails to understand the importance of advancement...

...unable to adjust to sea duty or the diverse demands of deployment...

...failed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes to...

...despite the best efforts of trainers on and off-duty, was unsuccessful in...

...probably the worst performer in our Command...

...failed to meet Strike Group standards and should not be retained.

...fails to understand the importance of his duties, takes advantage of every situation to avoid responsibility.

...failed to render the proper respect and was subject to Captain's Mast twice. SN3 Smith has not made any effort to change his behavior during this reporting period and is not fit for retention.

...avoids responsibility and is a negative influence on his section.

...displays a remarkable and consistent lack of initiative or enthusiasm and is the subject of frequent counseling.

...demonstrated a lack of skill or knowledge in most of his duties. He does not comply with instructions and is a threat to the safety of this ship. Recommend discharge at earliest opportunity.

...twice cited for disrespect toward an officer

...repeatedly refused suggestions to attend counseling until her problems escalated to the point of making her unfit for duty uncooperative when corrected and displays a consistent lack of interest in workcenter's goals

...not focused, sometimes distracted, her accuracy rate was the lowest in the shop outstanding technical resource but needs to work on tact and communication skills

...doesn't realize the critical importance of following orders and may endanger this command

...was disciplined for assault and his off-duty actions make him unfit for duty

...his failure to follow orders led to the loss of his security clearance and now section is undermanned and unable to meet quota

...unable to report to work on time and needs constant supervision. Retention is not advised.

...superb performance but uniform and bearing do not meet standards and will hold this Sailor back... often unaware of operational picture and his section members are left unsupervised.

...leadership and managerial skills need improvement to qualify for next rank...

...presents an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing...

...cannot be depended on and is always late for shift. Recommend...

...reported to work under the influence of alcohol and was unable to execute his duties as...

...was entrusted with our most critical and essential tasks but disappointed his mentors ...

...negatively affected our state of readiness by...

...failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance...

...his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining.

...had poor rapport with his subordinates and was ineffectual in supervision or delegation of responsibilities.

...lagged behind contemporaries in...

...was ineffective and provided no useful guidance...

...failed to maintain standards and allowed his workcenter rating to decrease from Excellent to Satisfactory.

...his performance was inaccurate at best and wildly incorrect when under stress...

...did not meet expectations in...

...lacks initiative and managerial skills.

...lacks enthusiasm in his duties and has no pride in his performance...

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