USMAP Program Coordinator Evals

ACADEMIC BEACON. Managed enrollments across three commands, distributing training guides for over 300 Sailors and tracking 121 active participants for personnel in pursuit of a U.S. Department of Labor Journeyman certification resulting in an 37% increase of Sailor enrollment into the program and 100% completion rate for certifications within 365 days.

As Command USMAP coordinator, he established the USMAP program for Fleet Cyber Command Suffolk resulting in 100% enrollment and seven personnel completing there apprenticeship programs.

As USMAP Coordinator, she managed 20 program participants in their pursuit of a U.S. Department of Labor Journeyman certification, resulting in three field specific accreditations.

Demonstrating exceptional leadership and technical ability, he expertly managed administrative and personnel processes resulting in the completion of over 1,000 correspondence items, 50 Fitness and Evaluation reports, 40 awards and 20 directives while filling a gapped billet as Admin LCPO for three months. He guided six Sailors in the completion of three EAWS qualifications, two USMAP certifications and through an ISIC-led command assist visit receiving scores of "on-track" for 14 of 14 administrative programs examined.

Additionally, he promoted 100% departmental qualifications, USMAP, Center for Homeland Security Levels I-III and Naval Post Graduate School online self-study course enrollment, resulting in 28 NPS course certificates and over 4,000 hours towards U.S. Labor Department certificates, greatly increasing personal and professional development.

As command USMAP coordinator, she instituted a program which benefited over 150 sailors and raised command percentage to 75%.

Her Sailor-first deckplate leadership resulted in 35 USMAP certifications, 20 advancements, and three SOQ.

United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)

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