Mass Communication Specialist (MC)

- PROLIFIC LEADER. Led 7 teams comprised of 21 senior MIL/CIV producers in the production of 14 multimedia products distributed to an audience of 20M+; resulted in 755K views across all major social media platforms, AFN & DVIDS. His creative expertise led to his selection as the 20XX Navy Videographer of the Year, along with placements in 4 additional categories.

Chief Dangerfield overcame long standing Public Affairs obstacles inherent in Joint interagency operations. She forged relationships with all related units and improved communications between them. Her efforts laid the foundation for the effective Public Affairs partnerships that the command enjoys with other agencies in the SOUTHCOM AOR and the many civilian media organizations in the region.

Following her return from deployment, Senior Chief Colbert seized the reins as NAVINFO NAVCENT/C5F Senior Enlisted Leader, ensuring a 100% mobilization-ready unit. During a six-month gap in CPO leadership at NAVCENT HQ, Senior Chief Colbert served remotely as SEL for seven enlisted, managing their development and training on the use of a visual imagery database, increasing administrative effectiveness and reducing delays by 70 percent. Under her exemplary leadership, both the active and reserve components of NAVCENT/C5F public affairs experienced an unprecedented 100% advancement, promoting every advancement-eligible enlisted member. NAVCENT/C5F HQ also utilized her in-depth media knowledge to create an embarkation program based on the theater-wide media embed program she developed for ISAF in Afghanistan. As a direct result of her efforts and contributions, NAVCENT/C5F Public Affairs is measurably more capable and better prepared for any administrative challenge.

-CIVIC MINDED. MCSN Carter directly supported the command's community service program, committing 38 hours of off-duty time in planning and participating in 9 volunteer events, creating a good rapport and supporting the Navy's image within the local community.

Mentored over 200 military and civil service photographers at photography workshops in D.C. and San Diego and exposed them to the latest techniques and introduced them to award winning editors and photographers in the civilian community.

As Mass Communications specialist assigned to Defense Media Activity, Guantanamo Bay, she developed and authored numerous radio news packages and infomercials and produced more than 2000 hours of live radio broadcasts.

Superb motivation and teamwork. He played a critical role in the set-up, execution, and break-down of audio-visual equipment supporting COMNAVAIRLANT's many events.

MC1 Baenhor trained and guided 11 NPASE Sailors in producing Visual Information products that garnered 3 Awards during the Visual Information Awards competition.

Coordinated U.S. and Australian photo units during the documentation of a marine amphibious beach landing which produced 360 degree coverage of the event and the capture of a strategic message for international audiences.

Documented a visit by Rear Admiral Perry to the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf and filmed navies from six continents and more than 30 nations as they kicked off the largest joint navy exercise ever held in the region.

In addition to documenting training during the annual exercise, over 300 photographs were shot, edited, and captioned, and 24 Daily News Updates were produced during one quarterly training evolution.

MC2 Mullins developed and implemented a program to continue professional skills training between drill periods to ensure the training achieved is practiced, retained and enhanced.

As building manager at Navy Public Affairs Support Element East, his attention to both security and regular facility maintenance improved the quality of life at the station and enhanced productivity.

MC1 Troy developed a comprehensive training plan to capitalize on the opportunities presented during the Annual Training field exercise, which included photo and video skills, urban warfare training, land navigation courses, and weapons training and qualifications.

As photographer for the multi-national exercise Talisman Saber 2011, she produced over 1,000 images and 3 news articles, both of which were approved and published for worldwide distribution.

Organized and mentored over 400 military, civilian, and civil service photographers who attended the visual media shoot-off workshops, Eddie Adams workshop, and the Syracuse University fall workshops.

MC1 Troy committed over 100 hours to developing training plans and goals for three quarterly drill periods and a combined Active and Reserve Component Annual Training field exercise.

His efforts in overseeing training resulted in combat and professional skills attainment for 15 enlisted members. Pistol qualification was achieved for all unit members.

A key member of the team responsible for the production of "Women in the Seabees: Past, Present, and Future" which served as the highlight of the symposium in honor of female Seabees.

When a manning shortage affected Fleet public affairs, she volunteered on short notice, and with no guidance or support, conceptualized, researched and designed the webpage for the RIMPAC 2010 exercise. This highly visible webpage served as an information gateway for over 10,000 visitors and was a key element in the success of the exercise.

Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tillerson contributed significantly to the mission of the Navy Office of Information, often assuming the duties of the Navy's lead photo editor to select, edit, post, archive and distribute hundreds of images every week. She was vital to the dissemination of still and motion imagery for government websites, social networks, and international media. She also provided photographic support for more than 15 Navy departments, including SECNAV, CNO, and the Sexual Assault and Prevention Response Office. In addition, MC2 Tillerson volunteered as the CHINFO CFC representative in 2013, leading the command to a CFC Presidential Award.

MC2 Tillerson volunteered for community service events for the Pentagon Area Junior Petty Officer Association, Prince George's County Volunteer Center and Montgomery County Volunteer Center, and joined the Taproot Foundation as a consultant to provide pro bono services in visual information to non-profit organizations in the DC Metro area.

MC2 Tillerson volunteered as an Individual Augmentee in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where she was the Leading Petty Officer in the Media Relations Division. She planned and coordinated all logistical support for civilian national and international media, resulting in 22 well-researched media profiles, and coordinated visits for 70 personnel from 30 media organizations. MC2 Tillerson maintained a media schedule for reporting on Task Force operations and provided photojournalism support to the Command Information Division. Additionally, she provided vital OPSEC reviews to more than 30 media organizations and assisted in the training of 6 Joint personnel in the OPSEC process.

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