Alarm Control Center Evals

-MISSION DRIVEN. As Alarm Control Center Operator, she oversaw the assessment and response of more than 2,500 alarms while maintaining communications with all security force personnel within the Waterfront Restricted Area during daily operations and strategic asset movements.

Leading Chief Petty Officer at Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, Kings Bay, Georgia. Authored WRA SOPs for the Special Weapons Convoy Route, Exclusion Area, ACC, and ECP along with WRA JQRs for ECP Sentry, Marine Room Sentry, and Alarm Control Center, streamlining and standardizing procedures. Strengthened the overall security posture of Strategic Weapons while simultaneously saving SWFLANT, MCSF Bn and NSB Kings Bay tenant commands countless hours and over $200,000 per quarter in productivity losses. Successfully completed one Defense Nuclear Surety Inspection (DNSI), two Nuclear Technical Proficiency Inspections (NTPI), three Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty Inspections (START), and the once per decade "Mighty Guardian" Nuclear Weapons Security exercise.

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