Barracks Manager Eval Examples

Moved command sailors from Baracks 1502 to 1430, fixed paperwork and keys, while checking for molded rooms in 1502.

MISSION FOCUSED. As Floor Manager, trained 10 students in barracks operation resulting in 2,340 room inspections, inventory of 2800 accountable items valued at $750k, and upgrade of 70 barracks rooms increasing floor occupancy by 22% and saving the government $177k. Supervised 14 civilians in the correction of 198 trouble calls and 596 maintenance requests which improved the quality of life for over 6,000 staff and students.
TEAM PLAYER. Instrumental in providing logistical support to Task Force 51 ensuring 1000 border patrol operatives have the highest standards of living prior to deployment. Managed the turnover of 270 rooms during a $7.4M renovation contract; construction timeline was behind by 12% but is now scheduled for an on-time delivery.
ENTHUSIASTIC. As Laundry Petty Officer, re-engineered the laundry program, and meticulously maintained an inventory of 1,500 line items, resulting in a 15% decrease in turnaround time for drop-offs and pick-ups weekly.

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