Navy Chaplain Evaluations

COMMAND CHAPLAIN OF COMMANDER SUBMARINE SQUADRON SIX. Conducted a cutting-edge overhaul of the Command Religious Program through the completion of 10 under-ways on 7 boats, logging over 1,000 hours at sea. He ensured that each deployable unit's Command Religious Program was operational and trained 14 Lay-leaders, facilitated the necessary religious accommodations, and promoted the free exercise of religion.
-He supervised the successful implementation of the SOUNDINGS Resiliency Course, preparing 300 first-term Sailors for full integration with their submarine commands and causing a 25% reduction in unplanned losses as compared to the Total Force.
-He flawlessly executed 4 counselings in the aftermath of a domestic violence incident. He provided unparalleled support for COMSUBFOR to forward deployed units in the EUCOM and CENTCOM AORs, served as liaison between Sailors and community service organizations, and traveled extensively to meet boats at their last port call to provide Return & Reunion briefs.

Deputy Command Chaplain, Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa. Served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Overseas Contingency Operations. His leadership and ceaseless efforts in the Religious Ministry supported 4,000 service members and civilians and facilitated over 200 Religious Ministry services, seminars, and events. Supervised three Protestant worship services and initiated and implemented a ground breaking weekly resiliency program with topics on: suicide prevention, anger, and stress management. As an experienced counselor, he devoted over 300 hours to counseling and mentoring individuals in a challenging environment to maintain their spiritual readiness and encourage an optimistic outlook and return to work without loss of time or morale. His accomplishments and dedication is a reflection of his commitment to the United States Navy Chaplain Corps and will have a positive and long-lasting impact on peace and stability in Africa.

Traveled over 40,000 miles and worked with two sectors and PACAREA to support 26 commands ISO a multi platform mission. Was deployed over 40% of the time, including 3 Easter services for underway units. His consummate care for Sailors was highlighted by his coverage of one suicide, 6 death notifications, and 11 CISMs involving 45 people. Led 6 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) sessions resulting in 96 people trained and 90 percent of Sector North Bend, Sector Columbia River, and U.S. Coast Guard Cutter ALERT trained in suicide awareness and prevention. Partnered with Ombudsmen to produce 3 first of its kind spouse's resource night supporting approximately 70 spouses per event. He created 3 first of their kind programs, including an unprecedented Columbia River area Eagles and Anchors Dining Out, a leadership development training for senior leaders, and a faith based streaming video service that was implemented by chaplains in every district. He partnered with the Coast Guard Foundation and raised 40K for playground equipment for Sector housing. In addition, he participated in 23 changes of command or retirements, 7 weddings, and 4 memorial day or war remembrance events.

Chaplain Pater directed daily Religious Ministry Team office administration and daily operations guaranteeing quality chaplain support by provided counseling services, religious accommodation, and both spiritual and moral support for more than 900 Sailors, civilian mariners and contractors ensuring optimal daily ship operations. He coordinated and led over 20 worships services, conducted 6 dignified transfers of patients' remains and responded to over 25 ICU emergency calls ministering to patients, family members and staff.

Completed two deployments across all Areas of Operations, establishing new precedents in chaplain care.

-He led, prepared, and successfully updated Inspection Binder for Naval Special Warfare Group TWO ASSIST visit IG inspection with a passing top score. Trained, prepared and mentored 2 chaplains and four Religious Program Specialist for future deployments to SEAL Teams TWO, FOUR, EIGHT and TEN.

As staff chaplain at Recruit Training Command, he oversaw a group of 145 culturally and religiously diverse civilian volunteer clergy including Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Latter Day Saints, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist, and Unitarian, whose support provided for the free exercise of religion for all recruits.

CDR Sailor advised the command superbly in all matter of religious support and provided daily support to an average of over 4,000 students and staff personnel. His superb leadership was paramount in the training and development of three first tour chaplains, three senior Lieutenant Chaplains and a junior Commander Chaplain.

* Began serving MAG46 to provide chaplain care and instruction for the 800+ Marines of MWSS-473.

* Responsibilities expanded to include VMM-764, standing up the USMC’s first Reserve Osprey Squadron.

* Elevated to Total Force Chaplain. Duties expanded to include all USMC Reserve Components of MCAS Miramar.

* Gained NMCB-18 Port Hueneme with responsibilities for 420 member battalion standing up for deployment. This was in addition to Site Support Chaplain at MCAS Miramar.

* OSCR qualified instructor. Religion and Ethics Subject Matter Expert.

* Certified Counselor and Ordained Priest.

* Began serving MAG46 to provide chaplain care and instruction for the 800+ Marines of MWSS-473.

Commander Robert Paulson served a total of 21 years as an Active Duty and Reserve Service member. Commander Paulson served as Chaplain for Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Fargo for the past three years. As the NOSC's sole Chaplain and VTU OIC, he provided pastoral care and counseling for Active Duty personnel and five Reserve Units comprised of over 130 personnel. Chaplain Paulson conducted 23 Suicide Prevention and Awareness Briefs and 8 Religious studies. He distinguished himself as a highly respected Chaplain, which promoted spiritual, religious and personal well-being of all members and played an integral role in maintaining Unit and Center Morale and Readiness.

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