Religious Personnel Evals


-21ST CENTURY LEADER. Highly valued Religious Ministries Team member by CPOs/LPOs for her deck-plate visits to 150+ workspaces for 5,000+ Sailors as a conduit for chaplain ministry and to provide mentorship. Conducted base INDOC and Navy Pride & Professionalism training for all new personnel. Actively involved in FCPOA and CPO365.
-PROFESIONALLY FOCUSED. Superbly operated a $175k budget for contractor payroll, supplies/equipment, and travel ensuring the chapel/staff were properly equipped to meet mission requirements. Flawlessly passed five Religious Offering Fund audits; managed $80k+ in non-appropriated funds ensuring all constituents a free exercise of religion and fellowship. Expertly managed chapel spaces overseeing a complex schedule - 684 events (e.g. memorials, weddings, retirements, command briefs) for all tenant commands.
-COMMAND IMPACT. Led three base-wide food drives to meet CNRNW goals in collecting 8,000+ lbs of food for local food banks. Enhanced Morale and promoted improved community relations, she coordinated 8 trail hikes with 213 volunteers to provide a total of 1600+ volunteer hours in essential trail maintenance for the Washington Trails Association



- SUPERB LEADER. LPO of 3 Sailors, his technical expertise, weekly training plan, and mentorship resulted in 66% Departmental advancement, 3-USMAP certs, 1-JSOQ, and 7-NRTC completions. As Staff SPC, he was directly responsible for getting 25 Regional SPC's, Ombudsman's, & AOR Chaplain's qualified as trainers in Applied Intervention Skills Training. As CCC, he conducted 16 CDB's, 2-re-enlistments, 2-retirements, & 3 C-Way APPS.
- SKILLED MANAGER. Created 159 funding documents in support of 175 CREDO retreats/workshops across 10 installations, 7 Countries, & 3 continents for 7,196 personnel. This resulted in meeting the Commander's intent of 100% budget execution ($1.5 million) & enhancing the resiliency of the Fleet, Fighter & Family.
- FORCE MULTIPLIER. Instrumental in procurement of $30K worth of Religious Ministry Supply for NATO's newest Base (Poland). Conducted 110 hours of in-rate TRNG, PO3/PO2 SEL & GMT TRNG to 140 Sailors. As President of the FCPOA he led 62 area FCPO's in 18 events which raising $10.5K to support 15 community local functions. Planned and led 5 CPO 365 training session. Served as board Member for 4-JSOQ boards. Hand selected to spearhead ADM Howard's, Commander CNE-CAN-C6F 'Coin Design Challenge'.


Her coordination of many events, including training, outreach, and worship services, greatly impacted morale and comradery on base. She successfully led 7 audits with zero discrepancies and donated over $10,000 dollars to non-profit organizations within the community using the Religious Offering Fund account.

She provided much needed oversight in transitioning the Base Chapel from its single use by the Naval Support Activity Mid-South Command Religious Ministry team to its current usage as a multipurpose facility, housing the Naval Support Activity Mid-South Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, the Drug Education For Youth program, the school liaison officer and the Commandís ombudsman.

As Religious Program Specialist aboard USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD 43). Petty Officer Abraham performed superbly in a billet normally held by a First Petty Officer. She proved herself vital to the accomplishment of the command's mission through her exceptional ability to be cognizant of the crew's morale and mental and spiritual readiness. During a deployment to west Africa and the Mediterranean and an underway period, she contributed materially to the ship's morale by maintaining and expanding the ship's library. She sacrificed her own time to research, coordinate, and ensure junior Sailors and Marines had access to the internet. During the ship's CNO Availability period, she was invaluable in her support of the ship's highly successful Community Relations program.

Maintained Navy Chapels on two different bases, allowing for the flawless operation of over 1,000 religious services. As Leading Petty Officer, he mentored and led over 40 joint personnel, handling the stresses of a constant rotation of temporarily assigned duty personnel and a rotating staff.

Coordinated 11 Suicide Train the Trainer courses for over 50 Marines. Never missed a farewell or welcome home event. A gifted mentor for all 3D MAW Religious Program Specialists.

Marine Air Group 16 Religious Program Specialist. CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED EXCEPTIONAL INITIATIVE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF HER DUTIES. She implemented and oversaw the first cooperative RP advancement training for both 3d MAW and MCAS RPs providing them an opportunity for increased success in the Navy. During her tenure, she meticulously managed 2 Chaplain's schedules ensuring maximum support to all Marines and their family members, and providing over 30 briefings, 11 Train the Trainer Suicide presentations, 24 ceremonies, and 36 bible studies. Prepared for and passed the commanding general's inspection program and was singled out for two best practices.

Religious Program Specialist for Marine Corps Base Quantico. Petty Officer Sims' inspiring leadership and personal initiative were instrumental in performing his duties as the Headquarters and Service Battalion RP. He was instrumental in executing the Command vision of establishing Men's and Women's fellowship groups aimed at reducing the number of Marines facing administrative proceedings. In addition, as a qualified Assistant Substance Abuse Counselor, he assisted in local record checks of hundreds of Marines checking in and out of the Battalion.

He arranged 66 religious services ensuring 1,100 people had weekly access to spiritual support. He efficiently managed over 2,400 morale care packages, ensuring snacks and personal hygiene products were distributed to 4 locations. He coordinated 19 Religious Ministry Team battlefield movements throughout Helmand Province, safegarding the chaplain for 15 days outside the wire in an arduous combat environment.

Provided countless hours of deck plate ministry to include 666 counseling hours, 88 religious services, 55 General Military Trainings. Recipient of the Military Chaplains Association Distinguished Service Award. Coordinated 4 Community Relations Projects providing Sailors an opportunity to help create a long lasting bond between host nations and the U.S. Navy.

Recipient of the Military Chaplains Association Distinguished Service Award. Conducted two Burial-at-Sea ceremonies for 37 veterans and executed two cross-deck ministry missions. Provided countless hours of deck plate ministry to include 678 counseling hours, 67 religious services, 29 bible studies, 55 General Military Trainings, and MWR support. His determination to raise morale and spiritual fitness kept the USS HUE CITY focused on mission readiness.

- Assisted/coordinated safeTALK training for 17 sailors. Had positive feedback.

- Assisted and led E-OSC Training for 13 sailors. Readiness of BULKELEY increased

- Resubmitted CRP instruction to CO after change of command; adding roles and responsibilities of the RP to it.

- Updated turnover binder and inspection binder to meet readiness standards.

- Completed RNA for 154 Sailors within the BULKELEY Crew, impacting Sailor Readiness during holy days and allowing the freedom to worship as they please.

- Elected Event Coordinator for SCPOA.

- RPPO Certified

- CPR Certified

- DCPO Certified

- Coordinated and rigged 13 Lay Led (Catholic and LDS) services and 9 Protestant services with 88 Sailors in attendance.

- Helped establish the United through Reading Program aboard USS BULKELEY. Boosted moral of crew and families.

- Assisted with Birthday month dinner, facilitated and served 16 Sailors, increasing moral.

- Completed M240 gun shoot

- Coordinated and gave tour of USS BULKELEY to 25 LDS Missionaries. Positive outcome, building relationship through religion and community.

- RP2 Barger assisted with local beach clean up COMREL with Spanish sister ship crew. Strengthened community relations and boosted crew morale.

- Participated with Language Exchange Program at local Spanish High School.

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