Clinical Operations LPO Examples

Displaying keen leadership skills as front desk supervisor, Petty Officer Thorsheim led 13 technicians in overall clinical operations and the triage of 500 acute walk in patients, administered 100 Personal Assessment Inventory tests, and reviewed 200 consults booked with initial interview appointments.

An essential member of the Process Improvement Team, HM3 Thorsheim revised the process of submitting monthly Department Summary Reports, improved the department's reporting efficiency and upheld an 85% compliancy rate with Joint Commission standards.

Meticulously tracked patient wait times and developed and implemented a new customer service procedure which decreased patient wait time by 20 percent.

Led 12 corpsmen in the daily clinical operations that provided exceptional care to 1,444 patients. She maintained an overall medical readiness of more than 95 percent for all personnel assigned to MAG-50. She worked closely with four tenant commands to establish a Mass Casualty Plan that coordinated all medical assets in the event of multiple simultaneous casualties. As the Supply Petty Officer, she was responsible for 300,000 dollars in medical supplies and equipment and conducted a bulk head to bulk head inventory, reclaimimg 20,000 dollars in misplaced medications and supplies. She acquired 24,000 dollars in doxycycline allowing the proper prophylaxis of medications for Marines and Sailors conducting operations in Djibouti, Africa.

Internal Medicine Corpsman, HM3 Landen demonstrated an unequaled expertise in clinical operations. HM3 Landen was sought out by all to resolve both technical and patient relation issues, his efforts yielding the highest customer service satisfaction ratings across the Comand. As the Hospital Directorate Infection Control Officer, HM3 Landen flawlessly managed and effectively trained 22 Sailors on policy enforcement, directly contributing to zero discrepancies during the mock Joint Commision inspection. HM3 Landen maintained accountablity and maintenance of more than 110,000 dollars in supplies and equipment, while correcting discrepancies on the departmental equipment list.

Internal Medicine Clinic Staff Corpsman, U.S. Naval Hospital Naples, Italy, Petty Officer Charles demonstrated an unparalleled expertise in clinical operations and customer service as a team leader for 7 Officers and 3 enlisted on the Lean Six Sigma team. Through his efforts he helped to effectively streamline the Process Improvement program and increased overall customer satisfaction for the command to ninety-eight percent.

As the medical Lead Petty Officer, responsible for coordinating care and clinical operations for over 350 Sailors and Marines, and included 225 Periodic Health Assessments, 212 dental exams and X-rays, 125 blood labs drawn, and 224 immunizations administered. Petty Officer Aceves performed her demanding duties in a highly professional manner by operating with the goal of improving the medical readiness of NOSC Indianapolis, local USMCR units, and the U.S. Navy as a whole. Petty officer Aceves streamlined the clinical process which increased the warfighting capabilities of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Senior Enlisted Leader, DET-R, HM1 Coleman was accountable for over 50 Corpsman staff supporting NAS JAX Branch Health Clinic and Dental. He led efficient clinical operations which resulted in 90% medical readiness for OSHU NOSC JAX. He overhauled the training program and delivered over 20 lectures increasing unit readiness from 70 to 85 percent.

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