Command Equipment Manager Evals

Responsible for 3,163 equipment items valued at $12M. Led the Command wall-to-wall inventory which resulted in 98.87% accountability. Assisted in the acquisition of 400 pieces of equipment valued at $400K. Ensured obligated budget of $80K was spent by fiscal year close out, which contributed to the Command Operational Dental Readiness of 96%. Played a critical role in transferring 1K items to Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services which allowed for the redistribution of $1M worth of dental equipment.

-PROVEN LEADER. Led and trained 18 Supply Petty Offices and Clinic Equipment Managers in the procedures and SOPs for the Equipment Management Department.

As equipment manager for DNS, he maintained over $2M worth of medical equipment and led 22 Sailors in conducting a full inventory of medical consumables and in relocating over 2200 medical equipment items during two MERCEX periods. He supervised 23 supply storage rooms supporting all patient care areas and significantly contributed to the process improvement of the directorate's supply operation by consolidating all DNS supply storage spaces, inventorying and coordinating all available supplies pre/post deployment and tirelessly working with supply directorate in integrating DNS supply into DMLSS.

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