Equipment Custodian Examples

IT2 Harkin worked with 132 Equipment Cutodians representing all military branches, as well as civilians and contractors, to renew and improve the asset management process across Camp Lemonnier. He maintained a continuous 100% inventory and trained 75 service members on individual unit Equipment Custodian responsibilities and procedures for allocating gear connected to the network. He assisted in the West End phone project by turning in redundant and obsolete phones to DRMO.

As N6 communication Equipment Custodian, coordinated the reutilization of 568 reusable items, saving the Navy $451k in new equipment costs.

As the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Equipment Custodian, she conducted weekly checks on over 65 mission critical assets valued at $2.5 million dollars. Her diligent attention to detail was vital to the advanced warning of dangers to over 8,000 military, civilians, and dependents onboard.

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