Crane Operator Evaluations

As part of the Ground Support Equipment Division, PO2 trained and qualified over 25 personnel, including TAD CFAS personnel, to operate ground support equipment, greatly enhancing productivity on NBU7. Performed over 200 Travel Lift moves and overhead crane evolutions as an operator with zero mishaps. PO2 was responsible for 38 pieces of equipment and successfully completed corrective maintenance, saving the Navy over 60,000 dollars in outside activity maintenance.

As a crane operator providing support for three Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), instructed a Petty Officer on the use of a 15T mobile crane. CM3 successfully installed two collectors, assisted in the removal of two propeller assemblies, and installed a working propeller assembly on LCAC 62, increasing Det Charlie's mission readiness. CM3 tirelessly performed tasks that required immediate attention while increasing the command's capability of equipment operators.

N43A's Technical Expert and COMLCSRON TWO's Crane program manager. Trained eight Littoral Combat Ships in LCS Crane program implementation, operations, and inspections. Trained, evaluated, and qualified over 70 Sailors in technical documentation data tracking and verification of weight test data, ensuring proper and safe operation of ship's equipment.

Trained 50 Crane Operators, 128 stevedores, and 26 EXW personel. Trained 300 reservists form NCHB-10 and NCHB-13 contributing to their score of "Outstanding" on their Unit Level Training and Readiness Assessments.

As a crane operator and rigger in charge, led a team of six personnel in the successful completion of more than 100 crane lifts. As the rigger in charge, ensured the accurate inventory and upkeep of two TOAs of rigging gear worth over $400,000. As the collateral custodian for crane crew, he was responsible for $50,000 worth of collateral gear for the MTVR wreckers.

His significant contributions to the Battalion's Crane program resulted in the battalion receiving Above Average scores during Navy Crane Inspection. CM3 performed 40 preventative maintenance checks totaling 205 man hours and eight MISER inspections ensuring the battalion's cranes were mission ready. As Tech Librarian during the Okinawa deployment, he was responsible for the inventory of 702 Technical Manuals, and identified and ordered 108 missing or damaged Technical Manuals. His efforts led to an increase in productivity and safety and ensured the correct parts were ordered, saving the battalion countless man hours and money.

Crane Shop Supervisor, oversaw the crane program of all NAS installations in accordance to the NAVFAC P-307. Manages 22 Cranes/WHE and 60 Forklifts.

As one of only three Sailors in the Operations Department qualified as Maintenance Rigger and Crane Safety Lead, his technical expertise was indispensable while leading over 200 CAT 1 and CAT 3 Crane Lifts, maintaining procedural compliance and adhering to all safety guidelines. Skillfully removed and replaced six ET40FB, ten APUs for LC 57, LC 58, LC 59, LC 43 and LC 62 in support of PEDMENT, ARGEX, and COM2EX exercises and in preparation for Detachment Charlies ESG-3 2019 deployment.

As Detachment Charlie's Maintenance Crane Safety in Charge, he lead over 800 CAT 1 and 3 Crane Lifts. Provided assistance to LC 57 and LC 62 in conducting emergent repairs on all four propellers. As Gas Free Engineer, surveyed and tested over 120 confined spaces and voids, and 24 IDLH compartments.

ACU 5 license examiner. She administered 49 forklift, 37 CAT 3 and Mobile Crane, and 17 rigging gear tests, licensing and qualifying 129 sailors in various units. Efficiently dispatched 48 units of equipment valued at 4.5M dollars for 3,456 miles with ZERO incidents. Additionally, she served as a liaison to NAVFAC and GSA, identifying any discrepancies and scheduling 168 preventative maintenance actions.

Built the load plans, Hazdecks and led the embarkation movements for two CCMs, two Prime Movers and twelve pallet positions containing 1,876 pieces of support gear throughout six Air, four Shipboard, and eight Over The Road movements in five different countries.

As the SME for cranes, created and executed thirty-four successful crane lifts with zero mishaps resulting in the smooth transition of equipment. (CCM 12 times, truck 4 times and pallet positions 18 times)

SME for crane and embark logistical operations during four PDSSs, one IPC and one FPC.

Set up the use of an PWD Fuel tanker to keep our craft and equipment fueled during real world operations. Personally handled all the logistics to include procuring and operating the fuel tanker, dispensing 4,584 gallons of diesel fuel.

Assisted UCT (Underwater Construction Team) with the site survey and planning of future Laydown yard, floating pier and boat ramp large enough to accommodate the CCM foot print onboard the ROK Navy base in Chinhea, Korea. (location will provide future savings for command not having to use crane support and more security away from the ROK Navy and civilian line of sight).

Supervised four personnel during the first ever Roll on/Roll off operations of the CCM craft aboard the USNS Fischer.

LPO for crew of four CSS throughout deployment.

Oversaw the successful completion of 102 routine and emergency and scheduled repairs, keeping the craft and support equipment FMC throughout five joint exercises and two real world operations throughout PACOM.

Tracked the completion of 36 DTS authorizations and vouchers. Encouraged four personnel to attend four COMRAILS supporting humanitarian efforts within the PACOM area.

Created and implemented security watch bills for 15 personnel during operational commitments.

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