Crash Cart Petty Officer Evals

As the Crash Cart Coordinator, LT Richie provided over 80 hours of training during 34 code Blue drills to 200 Hosptal staff, improving the rapid response and treatment of critical care patients and ultimately their chances of survival. Accounted for and forcasted the need for over 6,000 consumable Crash Cart items, reducing shortages and facilitating accurate budgets. His efforts led to a 15% increase in Crash Cart inventory compliance Command-wide.

She was the lead technician and driving force behind the maintenance of all 14 CRASH CARTS with life saving medications worth over $35,000, all in complete compliance with the FDA.

Performed 6 monthly inventories of adult and pediatric crash carts ensuring no expired or expiring items were used, maintaining 100% Joint Commission compliance.

Provided Crash Cart training for 13 staff members. Revised the Crash Cart inventory and developed a Change transmittal to Command Code Blue Instruction. As a member of the Acute Care Committee, she structurally reorganized the entire Command's adult and pediatric carsh carts to facilitate quick access during emergencies. She was the liaison for standardizing the ICU/Ward SOP and crash cart on SAN DIEGO, GREEN BAY, AMERICA, AND BOXER to ensure functionality and usability for all personnel.

As CRASH CART Chairman, she established a database to identify and track supply shortfalls in critical emergency carts, reducing errors by over 50%. In addition, she established Crash Cart standardization across the fleet and provided over 100 hours of training to FLEET SURGICAL TEAM TWO and 7 ships.

As crash cart coordinator, she meticulously managed two crash carts' monthly inventories along with 11 Code Blue first responder drills, resulting in 100% compliance with Joint Commission Standards for FY16.

He meticulously managed the department's crash carts through 36 monthly inventories, 30 code blue drills and training evolutions, and a successful FY16 Joint Commission Inspection, resulting in 100% compliance.

As a Camp 5 Corpsman, he diligently and accurately conducted bi-monthly inspections on the ERT Bags and Crash cart which contributed to the overall medical readiness of Camp 5.

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