Detainee Medical Operations

Chief Sailor distinguished herself by unsurpassed professionalism, leadership, and initiative. As Leading Chief Petty Officer responsible for Administration, Security, Logistics, Communications, and Training, she led 28 enlisted Sailors and five officers in providing operational guidance and logistical and administrative support for over 300 service members. Chief Sailor coordinated with the JTF J3 and Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) to provide over 30 detainee medical narrative summaries to USSOUTHCOM Detainee Operations in support of legal proceedings. She worked with J-3, U.S. Southern Command, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) to save 12 Joint Medical Group billets critical to meeting mission requirements. As a standing member of the JTF Planning Group, she coordinated with J1, J3, J4, SJA, and MARSECDET to develop medical injects for five Joint exercises resulting in successfully integrated and coordinated operational training of Detainee Movement (DMO) and Reception Operations, Destructive Weather (DXWX) preparation, and Mass Casualty preparedness. Her foresight and diligent follow up was essential in the development of adequate manning requirements for the updated SOUTHCOM EXORD to ensure support of the aging population and future growth of detainee care.

Administered over 2,000 medications to 140 detainees on a daily basis. Took part in 40 Forced Cell Extractions at Camp 5/6, JTF-GTMO.

Hospitalman Cole is an efficient, motivated, and resourceful Hospital Corpsman. His thorough knowledge of the clinic contributed significantly to the command's overall mission.
-Outstanding Manger. As the primary Supply Petty Officer for Detainee Hospital Guantanmo he was able to successfully consolidate one million dollars worth of supplies and equipment into two centralized points for the seven individual camps which greatly improved pickup and delivery times.
-Dedicated Caregiver. Upon return to the Lab, he performed 776 HCG tests, 898 Urinary Analysis, and 1789 various blood draws. He also saw 88 patients for the medical section in order to promote teamwork and camaraderie across the clinic.
-Team Player. Worked extremely well with others, promoting a cohesive work force, during 13 working parties that produced 40 new living quarters near Camp America for deployed members during severe weather in Cuba.

Petty Officer Gonzalez efficiently cared for 139 detainees, conducting routine medical examinations, and was an integral part of all operations conducted throughout the facility. He performed over 500 medication passes for detainees and aided in 30 forced cell extractions.

HM1 served a full OEF combat tour with 9th ESB and led all aspects of medical readiness, training, and care of over 500 Marines and Sailors during all pre-deployment events and during deployment in Afghanistan.
-Productive Corpsman. Provided care to over 800 multi-force, multi-national patients onboard Camp Leatherneck while simultaneously providing daily care for 521 Marines and Sailors at 9th ESB's Battalion Aid Station.
-Professional Service. Provided highly professional and competent coverage serving for three weeks as the IDC for the Prisoner of War Detainee facility on Camp Leatherneck.

While serving as the Camp 5 Corpsman, Petty Officer G conducted the passing of approximatly 2700 medications, served as the Medical Corpsman for 38 Forced Cell Extractions, 13 Code Yellows, and 1 Code Blue. Assisted the doctors and medical specialists with over 70 Medical appointments and ensured the medical readines of between 19 to 48 detainees at Camp 5.

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